April 04, 2012

Setting the record straight with Will from Wonderland

I was able to meet Will from Wonderland at the courthouse a couple weeks back.  Upon running into him in the hallway, I said "Claude,  how are you doing?".    He, stared at me, walked by me and said nothing.  When he came back, I said "Can't you stop and talk to me?"  Kind  of wanted to know, what I ever did to this guy, who I had never met or seen in my life until that morning, to deserve his wrath.      Again he stared, walked by me and  said nothing. 

It was not threatening and I was not scared, this was not Claude Van Damme not to mention we are in a courthouse surrounded by hundreds of police officers .    In his closing arguements, however, Will from Wonderland turned, pointed at me and then proceeded to describe our brief encounters as one where he "was threatened by the guy in the blue shirt.".     This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.    What a complete waste of court and police time. 

At the end of the trial, as we were walking out, Will from Wonderland's private investigator commented that this had gone too far.  I could not agree with her more.  I will not bring Will up here anymore on this blog and I truly  hope that he finds some sort of peace and happiness in his life.

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