April 11, 2012

Worc Common Ground Storefront

WCG has a storefront on Chandler Street big sign "20 affordable units coming soon to 6 buildings".  Happy to see these buildings being renovated but when are we ever going to ask is there a time when we have enough "affordable" units? 


Eric K. said...

The state has a new incentive program called Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP) they are rolling out - it's small, just $5MM in MA tax credits for the entire state per year. The program also offers a 5 to 20 year tax abatement on up to 100% of the incremental increase.

Unlike affordable programs which set a max rent, this program is marketed as a market rate program and sets a min. rent. I started digging through things yesterday, it looks like the min. rent for a Worcester project would have to be something like $1,800 /mo. (including utilities)

Ligget Meyers said...

Yikes, another program for Housing(low income?)Dev'ment. How can the state offer a tax abatement (real est. tax?) program when it is the municipalities who are the taxing authorities? or did you mean a tax ( mass income tax?)credit of up to 100%?

MCAS question. What does El Delisico and the cell phone using gentlemam in the Worc. court house ( Mr W.) both have in common?

Answer: The actions of both have resulted in an overreaching gov't enacting laws and regulations that harm everyone who dares to engage in certain lawful activities.

You ask Where and when does the low income housin on slaught end in Worc. I ask where does gov't overreach end in Worc.?

BTW , did anyone read in yesterdays rag that the T. of Mendon is being sued for laWYERS costs by the Strip joint that Mendon tried to stop. It aint cheap either. $350 pr hr for lawyers and 200$ pr hr for the law firm associates time. Seems to me total tab was $50,000 AND AND AND another suit for add'l lawyers fees incurred in the meantime is also forthcoming.

But Big Tabbakki probably wont sue Worc (I hope!) for attorneys fees to fight the unconstitutional ban on tabbakki advertising in Worc that was just over turned. This is becuz big trabaakki got lotsa $$$$ to burn....right???.

Next up???????? Honey Farms is successful in their suit against the city re: teh ban on sales of tabbakki on school property (MCPH).

I ask you William, forget the low income housing crap..........when & where does the crap end on the CC?

Jahn said...

So does anyone know an out of work enterprising young man or woman who might be interested in starting their own Rent-A-Phone business outside the Worc courthouse.

Start up costs are minimal. Equipment needed would be a cell phone acct with maybe 3-4 cell phone lines. What's that $150-$200 per month. A small sign. $10 for two, 2' x 2' pieces of plywood and ya can use MS Office to print it up the sign for the plywood. A car or a non-food vendor pushcart. (BTW does that pushcart ord. apply only to foodcarts?)

Anyone know if this business would require any city permits?

$.50 per minute, $1.00 minimum, 4 min. maximum call time. Cash only

What a nice, legal all cash business which is basically for all intents and purposes overhead free and can be franchised to other court house locations when all the courts adopt this assinine rule.

Also does a judge have the authority to even regulate who can carry a cell phone on their person in a state building. Has this judge usurped State legislative authority?

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

And just around the corner are to land banked buildings sitting dead for five years.