April 25, 2012

JetBlue considering ORH

What do we do next?
  1. We sit back and do nothing
  2. Let our Airport Director, Chamber of Commerce and Bob Nemeth close the deal
  3. Do something
I say we do something.   First thing we do is we support a name change to JetBlue Airport not Worcester MetroWest-Boston Airport and now for my "offbeat idea":

  1. JetBlue has a program TrueBlue
  2. You earn points with each mile you fly but you also earn points other ways like when you buy things from partners they specify
  3. Earn points with your AmEx card
  4. It is a great program. Not vouchers or membership but kind of like your credit card where you earn points.
  5. You can also outright put cash into your TrueBlue Account
  6. My idea would be to pick a day or a week and urge people from Worcester to cash into their accounts that they would use to fly out of ORH. Personally I would put $2,000to $5,000.  That is what we spend annually out of Boston flying JetBlue to Florida.  Why set up escrow accoutns at banks???? 

We need to hold a press conference (the City Manager) with a bunch of us standing behind him with our checks to show JetBlue how much we need them and urger people all around Central Mass to do the same from their computers...

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jose said...

i think we can agree jetblue is tops when it comes to american airlines, or top 3. if they agree to fly out of worcester, what does that say to other airliners whos competing with jetblue for the boston market? will someone else follow suit? whats going on with spirit airlines?

Steve Foley said...

The only problem with the name "Jetblue Airport" is that it makes it hard to attract Southwest, or any other airline. Kind of an "all your eggs in one basket" thing.

Jetblue just announced a Newark to San Juan route. There's been talk for a long time of a Worcester to San Juan route. I wonder if that's in the works.

Anonymous said...

JetBlue is the kind of company that likes quirky fun stuff. Something along the lines of standing in front of the Worcester airport sign, but replace "Worcester" with "JetBlue Regional Airport". Or a PIC of a few people sitting in the empty terminal with signs that say "Waiting for a Blue moment." You send those pics to JetBlue's promotions department, and the CEO. They can do something with that. Meeting with airport directors and checks. Waste of time. JetBlue cant use that.

Bill Randell said...


We have no basket?? We would fine all in with JetBlue. They are giving us a basket.

The reason I say we should raise money is because an order was filed last night at city council put forth a plan to request colleges and businesses in the city to pledge $1 Million towards the purchase of future airline tickets - as a show of interest in service at Worc. Airport

Why do you think that was done???? JetBlue baby!!

Anonymous said...

A good start would be to get the T&G to remove the photo of a JetBlue pilot being arrested from their web site!

Anonymous said...

O.....M.....G !!!!!!!!

Harry T

tim macdonald said...

Sign me up to stand with you behind the manager with my check book I have my True Blue account ready to go. That will be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have a dream... http://worcesterma.blogspot.com/2008/02/jetblue-at-orh.html

Harry T

Jahn said...

I dont like naming the airport Jet Blue. What happens when Great Woods becomes The Tweeter Center then becomes the Comcast Center or The Fleet Center becomes TD Bank North Garden to the now TD Garden?. Names change and in the airline industry names change even more. And what is John O'brien Field? Most Worcesterites probably couldnt answer that question.

Some City elementary schools have had 3 diff names in the last 2 decades and ...to what end.....even worse results.

Boston Worc Metro Airport was floated about 4 years ago. What happened to that? Prob. not a bad Idea.

Point is stick with the generic name(s).

I think Jet Blue aint coming here b/c Massport wont allow it. Case closed

jose said...

bill, your nick name should be "wild bill", cause all the local news agencies, even the jordan levy show mentioned you and your tweeting with jetblue ceo, and the fact that there is a announcement tomorrow and that the jetblue ceo was here recently.

Anonymous said...

I'll e- mail Jet Blue my AMEX # right now and ask them to charge my tickets out of ORH asap. It would be so awesome to see them in Worcester.

Anonymous said...


You don't actually rename it. You just cover the sign as a promotion and take a picture. It shows them that we want them in Worcester. And it gives them a great PR piece. "JetBlue gets it's own airport!"

Big Daddy said...

I coined the nickname "WILD WILL" a long time ago.....even had trademarked.....I want thirty bucks for using Jose

Big Daddy said...

And dont even think about Senor Pedro Jahn

Ed said...

It would be so nice to have any airline especially jet blue, I had bought 3 family ties tickets that were good until Oct 2012, to my dismay that trip was done with, will say no hassle to my credit card. There are so many young and old that love the convenience of worcester airport and anytime I have flown out of worcester for the past year once to Fl and once to Myrtle Beach the planes were full

Jahn said...

Anon, I apologize. I thought Wild Will said to rename the place.

And now we have "Big Daddy". WTH could that be?. Must that chain of 100's of bars, lounges, and packies that dotted south Florida when I used to howl down there that were called Big Daddies

Me thinks that Big Daddy is probably sitting in Brax w/the tradesmen in the late afternoon and playing Keno or sitting in the Chatham Squire and trying to read the 100's of license plates on the wall. Problem is he cant see that far.... :)

Anonymous said...

The city of Worcester should create a shuttle service from Union Station to the Airport, that would attract a lot more people and eliminate the need for an access road in the short run.
Worcester can support JetBlue, many travelers including myself would rather fly out of Worcester than Boston. It is much easier and faster for people that live around Central Mass.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the suspense!! Please come through for us Jet Blue! My Credit Card is ready to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Vision Airlines just announced non-stop service to MYR from 9 different airports. Too bad ORH isn't one of them!

Big Daddy said...

Senor Pedro Jahn.....am @ the Blue Dot in Pensacola right now eating a hamburgah and working on a music festival project and then am headed to new orleans for two weeks.....back at Squire mid may

Senor Jahn said...

Sounds good. Could be there myself for a pop at some point this summer.

Why arent you in Ft Lauderdale Beach at the Elbow Room with all the college kids :)

Darn, I wonder if that place is even still there. Probably a 100 story condo there now :(

Anonymous said...

Jahn...Elbo Room is still there... partied there last year, myself...


Harry T