April 03, 2012


There is no reason that they should not be flying out of ORH.  These guys are smart.  I say they will be back at ORH.     Wonder if Bob Nemeth sees that "handwriting on his wall" also.


Anonymous said...


Steve Foley said...

Here's a question: How much did the City of Worcester spend in legal fees attempting to pass their ban on cigarette advertising?

Did the City Solicitor explain to the city council that the ban was clearly unconstitutional, or did he tell them that he could win the fight with the tobacco companies?

If anyone is wondering if there was any chance that the city could win, read Question 4 from the July 2004 Massachusetts Bar Exam. (Hint: The correct answer is that the ban is a violation of the First Amendment)

jose said...

Not to blow smoke up my butt, but I still like my idea of bringing in the #1 carrier on massports shortlist, and let them fly weekends friday-Monday. I think more then anything orh can provide passenger flights for people in central mass who just want to get away for the weekend. Leave Friday night fly in Sunday night, or if you got the time Friday to Monday. Airlines also charge more on weekends. If direct air had 80% planes full from orh with Tuesday Thursday flights, imagine weekend flights. If your gonna have limited flights then have it on the weekends when most people have the weekends off.

Bill Randell said...


I agree with your first point on the cigarette signage. City had no chance on that just like they have no chance on the banning of cigagrette papers.

Dont blame the city solicitor. 99% sure he toldl the city council that this had crossed the line. The City Council passed it anyhow.


Steve Foley said...

I would hope Mr. Moore is bright enough to know he couldn't win that one. So, the City Council decided to pass an ordinance that their legal advisor told them was unconstitutional, and paid who knows how much on consultants to help Mr. Moore mount a losing battle.

It seems there are an awful lot of legal fees showing up in the city checkbook.

Does Worcester at least use Worcester lawyers, or do they go out of town for that too?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about ORH last night while listening to a story about JetBlue expansion on the radio. It struck me that perhaps we should be looking at JetBlue competitors. Spirit airlines comes to mind. Here is their existing route map.


Sun Country and Vision airlines are other carriers that could work.

Bill Randell said...

In the end Mr Moore answers to the council. He can stand up their and give his opinion and the councilors can choose not to listen and pass the ordinance. I would not blame him for this.

Were consultants or outside lawyers hired or where they are from? I got no idea. Steve, the major tobacco companies went to the City Council when they voted to ban blunts, rolling papers etc.

More or less to send a message and the City Council still voted to approved the ban? Probably more legal work cominng on that down the road.

Jahn said...

Steve, you beat me to it. I was ready early this morning to take the entire CC to task for this continued BS that passes as legislation, but I backed off b/c it would get my day off to a bad start. I was going to take Bonaparte' to task also, but I wont go there even though he's a pol and he's fair game. LIke a caller to a local morning drive show once said, " Napoleon (my term) is the patron saint of useless causes".

Does anyone really think Big Tabbakki is going to stand idly by while Wormtown llegally steps on them.

Solicitor Moore didnt just fall off the turnip truck. He knows this baloney is at best very questionable and probably illegal and I would betcha he told the CC's & CM so. But neither the CS or CM have any control over what the CC does. I do believe the CS reports to the CM. The city clerk and city auditor report to the CC.

They did the same thing with the strip club ordinance, effectively barring strip clubs and they got their head handed to them there too. Seems to me the strip joint in question was beside the old Plymouth Theatre.

If pushcart food vendors were more organized and had the financial backing, I suggest that they too would good have a good day in court with the ord. that effectively bars vendor pushcarts in Worc. Where the hell does a bricks & mortar vendor get off having veto power over the proximity of a vendor pushcart to their business? I am still waiting for an outta work recent LS graduate to take this one on pro bono.

Jahn said...

Steve I agree w/you on the legal fees and I dont think we've seen the last of mounting legal fees in Worc, not to mention what it may cost to either settle or be ordered by the court to pay damamges to certain aggrieved plaintiffs. The egos are out of control.

Also re: hired gun lawyers. I do seem to recall when MOB came on board as CM that he terminated 2 or 3 city lawyers that dealt with labor issues. His stated reasoning was that the city unions all had big guns from out of town and that Worc should also have the same when it came to labor issues. I am thinking any lawyer in Worc worth his salt is billing in the $300's per hour, $400's out of Boston. I seem to recall the city labor lawyers are from Taunton???

Back to my previous post, what irks me to no end is that teh CC wastes time on BS issues and then lets things like the airport just slide. Airport managment s/b brought on the carpet quarterly and report their marketing efforts to the CC . Problem is the CC has no control over them absent Krash Kup or Coupe Deval leaning on them.

ANothers grand jury indictment and anotehr bullet dodged???

As Howie says, the best place to hide anythign from Marsha Croakley is in law book. OMG it's 3:18, I already missed 13 mins of Howie. :(

Besides being a low income housing haven, a halfway house haven, and a triage center haven, now we're relocating Taunton State Hospital clientele to Worc?? Where does it all end?

Jahn said...


"There is no reason that they[Allegiant] should not be flying out of ORH."

"These guys are smart".

Exactly why they wont be back

For Worc's benefit, here's to hoping I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Virgin america I think only has 2 routes out of boston, both to cali. La and san fran. Virgin used to fly direct air flights at first I think.

Nick said...


What is that #1 carrier? and Anonymous, Spirit isn't a real good fit because they are cheap, but their route map is very limited, and you are required to pay for EVERYTHING! You are even charged for carry-ons, CARRY-ONS!! Allegiant has also started charging for carry-ons now...

That sounds like deja vu... an airlines upping fees, Direct Air comes to mind.

Jahn said...

On another topic, where the heck is my real estate tax bill?

It is Apr 3 and ordinarily they would have been mailed out in late MArch. Typically they are due May 1st or if post marked after April 2nd, 30 days from the post mark date.

Also, in the past I have rec'd property tax bills that were postmarked 3 to 4 days before I rec'd them and I am strictly an overnight delivery.

If, for example, these things show up in the next couple of days with a March 30th (last Friday) postmark then someone is screwing with the postmark and/or asking the PO to stamp them and hold them.

The assessors office has had 2 -3 attempts now to clean up their act and get this entire assesing mess cleaned up and still I (we?) dont have our bills yet?

Are they still screwing with assessment figures after all this time and multiple screws up the last 18 months , including but not limited to WAY overasessing residential land last year. My land value dropped about dropped 30% this year.

And to insult to injury every deadline payment day beyond May 1st cost the city how much in interest for money already borrowed against MAY 1st's tax receipts.

Then I read the snow plowing/ removal fund for the city is just about broke. How can this happen in an alomost snowless and warm winter, relatively speaking.

jose said...

nick: what i meant was for massport to bring in whoever they had top on their shortlist to fly weekends. i obviously dont know who that is. just brain storming

Nick said...

The solution to all of this is convincing JetBlue and United that the 2nd biggest NE city can provide passengers. A strenghtened ILS would be the icing on the cake...

JetBlue and United are the perfect combination. United would provide service to its hubs (Newark, Chicago, Washington-Dulles) and JetBlue could provide service to leisure destinations, which could be Orlando and Sarasota. While JetBlue could also serve JFK from ORH.

If Massport somehow lured these guys in they'd be swimming in dough and the passengers of Central Mass would be excited. BUT Massport would need to market these routes 500% more. I never saw a Direct Air commercial on TV.

Steve Foley said...

Jahn wrote "On another topic, where the heck is my real estate tax bill?"

There's an article on telegram.com about this. They haven't figured how best to whack commercial properties, and are still dreaming up new ways to drive businesses out of town.

City Manager Michael V. O’Brien said the delay is likely because the city did not complete its review of all 4,800 commercial properties and submit those new property values to the state Department of Revenue until yesterday.

Jahn said...

Steve, here is the real problem. Too many, if not all of the assessors office bangs out at 430pm, 500pm, or whatever time w/o regard to work load deadlines. Tey pulling that crap in the private sector.

Net result assessment still aint complete AND AND AND the city tax rate is not set yet AND it costs the city money (interest expense) each add'l day that taxpayers can delay paying their taxes.

So hypothetically, if tax bill are not mailed until say April 15th then tax payments ar enot due until May 15th...that would be 30 days from April 15th for you Silly Willy Bloggers :)

So will Barack OBrien, Havana Jim, and Krash Kup show up at Yahoo and protest the lay off of 2,000 Yahoo workers (14% of their workforce). I mean what is good for the Medical Center nurses, the teachers, the post office, etc is surely good enough for Yahoo workers. Do not count on it!

And BTW are the remains of The Krash Kup mobile prominently displayed on Highland St at Doherty High? It is prom season....right?? Or have the remains been cremated and interned w/all the fellow countrymen over on Cambridge St. or at the junkyard just off Camb St.?

Paul Collyer said...

I got all of mine Senor Pedro Jahn.........224 Chandler got assessed higher than 224 1/2............one a mess and the other brand new....go figure. Architect almost done with plans.....224 will be brand new soon