April 12, 2012

MassPort talking to Allegiant

As reported in the Telegram


Steve Foley said...

I wonder if the Lt. Governor still thinks they're charlatans.

Anonymous said...

A first tier airline CEO tells you DIRECTLY that the airport needs access and NAV upgrades and you ignore them.

The only way to make that airport a success is an access road. Everyone knows that. Stop beating around the bush. Put the road in and upgrade the nav system. Then the big boys will come.

If you don't want to do that then shut it down.

Anonymous said...

PIE, PIE !!! .. or FLL, FLL! .... plz, plz !!!

Harry T

Steve Foley said...

The head of Massport called ORH a "strategic asset".

Read between the lines, and you understand that Massport intends to simply sit on the property until it is needed.

If something comes along in the meantime, they'll grab it, but I don't believe Massport has any short term plans ( less than ten years) to do anything significant in Worcester.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Steve...

Harry T

Bill Randell said...


I actually thought the complete opposite when they initially took over.

Now some 18 months later, think Steve's assessment is 100% correct....


Jahn said...

To both Bill and Steve, hasnt Massport already had control ( in substance) of the airport for 2 years. I.e., two yrs as owners and 8(+)? yrs as LT lessee?

Repeating once again, MP has powers of eminent domain. These powers definitely relate to runway expansion. The jury may still be out as to whether they have eminent domain powers that extent to access road building aND IF AND WHEN THEY EVER TRY TO EXERCIZE SUCH POWERS, the powers to be in Worc will be all over them like a cheap suit. The same powers that want to see the airport succeed will do all they can to stop its success if it buys them votes.

There were 30 something land takings associated with the the proposed access road a number of years ago....check me on that number.....and they managed to roar and to stop the access road. Economic growth often means sacrifice and some short term pain.

The inconsistency of the city councils subtle messages and more obvious writing of anti business laws is all too apparent.

AN ATTA GIRL to Lady Di for Thursdays column that makes this very point.

So how much will taxpayers have to pony up to get the next proposed leg of the theatre district off the drawing boards? Same players here? SSDD? I.e. Gimme $$$$ and dont tax me. I mean WTH? I say keep it boarded up. We already gave the Hand It Over Theatre gazzilliions of $$$$. Enough is enuff and when the assessor does finally get the tax bills out the pitchforks will also be out. Good bye to TIFs, DIFs, Phillies, etc.

Hey Bill, I hope things have settled down for ya since Wenesday night . Looks like a close call and good scare? Here's to hoping the fall out is mimimal and things are back to normal soon.

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

guess who is moving? $354K and it's yours...got any cash Bill..I was only kiddin' all these years