April 02, 2012

Credit card reimbursements

Steve this may be a answer to my question

Trouble for Direct Air advance ticket holders: MyFoxBOSTON.com


Frequent Flier said...

The Direct Air Website Home Page clearly states
" Direct Air cancelled it's charter program on Tuesday March 13th.". It then gives instructions on how to obtain a refund. This is what I printed & provided to AMEX. I would think it is sufficient documentation.

Anonymous said...

I called my credit card company and placed my charges
''in dispute" (I had not yet gotten the bill when DA cancelled all flights), thus precluding me from having to pay the charges until some resolution is reached. Chase was well aware of the issue and had no problem doing this. Now I have to ''wait and see'' if there will ever be any flights (highly doubtful). In the meantime, I have purchased tickets via another airline that will allow me to change dates for up to one year.