April 20, 2012

Spirit Airlines Ad

In light of Secret Service scandal


Anonymous said...

I have flown with Spirit before ... their flight attendants are cute and snarky ...think Dick's Last Resort in Boston ... I flew on an Airbus that was less than 3 years old...

Harry T

Jahn said...

$19.80 one way is why the commercial paasenger airlines in the USA have not made any money in decades. There was a business documentary on the idiot box that I saw a few yrs ago that focused on this industry and it said this industry as a whole hasnt made money in maybe 20(?) years. Think about it, what major airline hasnt crashed and burned into bankruptcy? The person being interviewed was a former high powered exec. type from one of the major airlines who also said he would never, ever invest a even a $1 in any American comm. passenger airline business. (This may have been before Allegiants recent run up in stock price). He says all the airlines canniblize themselves w/$99 trips, esp. to resort areas.

I still would like any airline business afficiando on here to tell me how much per gallon jet fuel is and how much fuel it takes to go from here the central/ southern FL. Steve this might be up your alley?

OT So where's my property tax bill that really shoulda been here w/Nov, 2011 bill which date has been kicked ahead for yrs now to the Febr 1st bill allegedly b/c the state cant certified valuations fast enuff HORSE++++!
Fact is CC doesnt want higher tax bills mailed out in late Sept for Nov 1st payment until Nov. election season has passed, so they always kicked it over to Feb 1st....and now May 1st...and now it will June 1st at the earliest given the current pace.

Query, why cant assessors office personnel be ordered to work overtime and weekends until their re-val project which was due last Sept is finished. SEUI be dammed.

This is costing the city mucho $$$$$$$$$$ in interest b/c the money they should receive on May 1st is looking like it will be well beyond May 1st b4 it is realized. IMO, the new sheriff in town is looking to be not too aware of anything except how do reduce the valuation his own house. Image someone in the know buying a home in Worc for 600K and then a yr. later coming to ther awareness it si only worth 400k. If true, now what does that tell you about an individuals ability to properly assess value when buying. Here's to hoping certain people arent upside down. Maybe someone from in side the 128 beltway assigning Boston are prices to a Worc home?

Gud weaken two awl.

Jeuno Quintos said...

Spirit airlines gives their customers a one joyful flight.
Safety while taking a comfortably flight.