May 30, 2012

Worcester Chamber

Last year's tax return still has not been filed.

Not a good sign 


Jahn said...

Ya gotta pay your beancounter accountants (Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe) :) ..........then you get your tax return and mail it in.

Maybe they are mirroring the city of Worc assessors inability to do anything timely. How about the next key personnel hiring decision is done with a nationwide search instead of hiring such an important position based on an insider's recommendation. In the private sector a head would have rolled months ago as re this entire re-evaluation and new assessors computer software implementation
Just pass the buck to the Mass Dept Revenue.....right???

So did anyone notice the tax bills were apparently mailed Friday, May 25 which means your taxes are due 30 days later which is June 24 a Sunday which is also 2 days before the last CC meeting before the summer CC schedule kicks in. Next meeting is July 17 and then Aug 14 and then Sept 11.(?). Interesting timing. Not a whole lotta CC meetings between June 27 and Sept 11 to complain to the CC about your RE taxes.

I am still wondering when the bills due Aug 1st will be mailed. Probably just after everyone mails in their 4th Q 2012, June checks.

Next up I will again predict blanket denials of most all abatement requests followed by the Suit of Ten Taxpayers regarding not only the entire re evaluation process but also the blanket denial of abatement requests.

Jahn said...

So with Schillings 38 Studios off the Rhode Island gubmint teet, how long before the same fate befalls our local Becker College Gaming Institute? Well it all comes down to how many more years will Coupe Deval be with us? I say 2.5 more.

Both these attempts at entrepenuership in a highly competitive, hi tech business are classic examples of what gubmint should not be involved in.