September 30, 2005

Akron-Canton Free Wi-Fi

9/21/05 - Surfing the web in Akron-Canton airport (CAK) is easier than ever and won't cost you a dime. That's right, zip, nada, nothing. The airport has offered Wi-Fi service for the past year, but recently dropped the $1.95 per hour charge.

"We want to be the airport of preference in the region and free Wi-Fi is one more CAK advantage," said airport director Fred Krum. "With just one simple click you can look at email, blog, or check out the Brown's score. Great amenities like this, plus low air fares and lots more nonstop flights, make Akron-Canton a better way to go."

Because the entire terminal is a hot spot, web surfers can relax in the lobby, at their gate, in J.J's Sports Bar (or anywhere else in the terminal) and access the net. First Communications(R), a local web and telecommunications provider headquartered in Akron recently upgraded the service and will extend it to the new gates opening next summer.

The free CAK Wi-Fi is available to more travelers than ever before. In 2005, single month records were broken in June and July, and the airport is on track to post its highest annual passenger traffic in history. Additional information is available at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bill! Thanks for the post. I totally dig that you are in the blogosphere. Way to be first to market. CAK will be joining you soon. Check out the Marketing Diva site. Toby is really awesome. We met on Friday at an AMA blogging seminar. Way to go ORH.