September 10, 2005

PanAm in Big Trouble

PanAm Clipper has suspended its flights from Stewart Airport at newburgh, NY. Now that Allegiant has begun service, Stewart may not want PanAm back. Stewart President

Stewart may not want Pan Am back. Stewart President Charles Seliga said whether Pan Am comes back is contingent upon what the airline does between now and November.

“It really depends on what shakes out,” he said. “Will they get certified; we can’t live without other aircraft; they have three aircraft.” Seliga said no airline can operate with just three airplanes. Allegiant is ready to “put into it what they have to do, and build on it.” Seliga said Allegiant originally wanted to start with two weekly flights to Sanford Orlando and quickly doubled that. Pan Am wants to add two more airplanes to its fleet, but the US Department of Transportation has yet to certify them.

Now add to this that Allegiant has gone right into their hometown, Portsmouth, and Youngstown has decided not to welcome PanAm but Hooters instead . The future does not look blight for PanAm.

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