September 03, 2005

Boyd Aviation

One of the most prolific consultants in the aviaiton industry is Michael Boyd from the Boyd Group ( Barely a day goes by when there is not a quote from Michael Boyd, most recently his comments on the NorthWest strike. These guys are good, very good.

For a list of the recent accomplishments check out In the past twelve months here are some of the services that they established for their clients:

  1. Kalamazoo/Battle Creek to Atlanta on Delta.
  2. Chattanooa to Houston on Continental
  3. Bangor to New York on Continental
  4. Tupelo Mississippi to Atlanta on Delta
  5. Latrobe, PA to Detroit on NorthWest
  6. Lewiston, Idaho to Salt Lake City on Delta

Last year's 33% of the awards under the FAA Small Community Grant program went to clients of Boyd Aviation. If the airport ever decides to hire even more consultants, which I hope we do not, then we should take a serious look at what the Boyd Group. They can be particularly helpful when 1) establishing new service or 2) applying for the FAA Small Community Grant Program.

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