April 25, 2007

Information Request Update

At the beginning of March in light of Sunshine Week, note my March 11th blog, I e-mailed and mailed our airport liaison two requests:

  1. Copy of the two packages that IMG prepared for the two airlines that were interested in ORH mentioned in the monthly Economic Development Report for months.
  2. All copies of quarterly reports filed with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding monies spend on the Small Community Air Service Grant.
Since that time I explained that if either of the two packages that I received included airlines that we had on-going negotiations with, I would not publish them. I stand by that. To date, however (beyond the 10 day limit required under the Public Open Meeting Laws), I have received neither of these two packages.

In addition, I have not received all copies of the quarterly reports regarding the expenditures of the Small Community Air Service Grant. A letter or e-mail maybe explaining why either of these requests would have seemed appropriate and appreciated. Instead nothing???

Although I have followed up with at least 5 e-mails to our airport liaison regarding this request, I have received no response via the internet or the mail in regards to either of these requests. Today I will mail another letter. Any other suggestions or comments.


Anonymous said...

Have Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly wait outside his door...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

I think you need to make a trip down to 2 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, Superior Court. State your case to the judge that the city is in violation of certain state laws.
Best hurry because if the city drags their feet June 30 will come and go and you'll still be without your documents. After June 30th this could be moot???

First maybe you should inform city what you're going to do just to show good faith and give them a chance to cough up the paperwork and that the continued foot dragging is really not in keeping with a city on the move.

While at city hall please take a gander down Front St and advise us all of the demolition progress at the old mall.

This Makes one wonder about what really goes on behind the scenes over at 440 Main St. Transparency. Subterfuge.

Bill Randell said...

Appreciate the comments from both Harry and Jahn. Think I still leaning to a follow-up letter.


Anonymous said...

Bill, have you tried emailing or writing to the Massachusetts Attorney General and ask him what he can do? This is a clear case of "selective adhearence" to the open meeting laws.
DV - Worcester

Anonymous said...

I'm learning that Worcester city government has a pretty poor public records report card. Bill, I would suggest you send a letter to the City Manager reminding him of MA Public Records Law. Tell him he should review David Rushford's memo posted at the desk in the Clerk's Office.

I'd also like to correct some misinformation. Although both are designed to create greater government transparency, the Open Meeting Law and the Public Record Law are different. If someone wishes to file an open meeting complaint that is made with the local District Attorney's Office. If someone wishes to file a public records complaint, that is submitted to the Sec. of the Commonwealth's Office.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to have a meeting with the city manager? Was that ever scheduled ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sounds like an airport flunkie. Maybe we should rename you Ben Dover

Anonymous said...

Don't say that around Carl Merchant...he may get excited.

Sorry Arthur..I dissed your snitch toolboy.

Why did Eddie Cosway get away with threatening the assistant airport director and get rehired? Ask Arthur he knows...just a few more years until your pension and Eddie can retire. Why did you two corner me and tell me that...I never gave a damn what you did. Sue Kelleher is the one who told me about Dave "duddie" Massads drug drops at the airport. Conrad at the radio shop wants to be a fly on Pat Santa Maria's wall...Yeah everybody knows he's Mafia...Big Deal.

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Why did Tim Mulhearn and Rich Berberian bad mouth Carl Merchant (he left the Air Force elite service because he was gay) and then turn on me because I kept alot of crap inside an just wanted to do my job and enjoy life. I didn't want to be a whiny gossip like ewvery at the airport that I ruined my health when I stood up against what you called injustice and then i stood alone.