April 13, 2007


Scott Zobach wrote a story regarding the risks of losing control of the airport via a long-term lease or outright sale. I could not agree more with him that when you lose control of an asset , you are not able to direct the day to day operations of that asset.

Whose fault is that? If we had an airport that was running close to break-even versus at an annual loss of $2,800,ooo, we would not have to give up control. Bottom line is that we had plenty of time to turn the airport around, but failed and have no choice but to turn it over to someone else.

This does not mean, however, we sell the airport for $1 and let MassPort do whatever they want. That is exactly why we urged the Airport Commission three years ago to put an RFP out for the entire airport containing the checks and balances, thus giving the City of Worcester some control while alleviating the financial stress. Instead we put out an RFP for 4.5 acre parcel that received no bids.

This is also exactly why we installed the the time clock on the blog (78 days to the end of the current agreement). We need to have whatever agreement with whomever in our hands for review as soon as possible to ensure that the terms of the agreement are worth giving up control of the airport.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Frederick Rushton should be in the commodities trading business, given how he straddles issues.

Rules: You may select only one answer.

What's your pleasure:
a. viable, succesful airport
b. a noise free District 5

Do you want to:
a. Own the airport
b. Lease the airport
c. Sell the airport

Do you want to:
a. control the airport
b. not control the airport
c. close the airport.

Do you want:
a. An access road
b. No access road

Do you want:
a. Continued airport deficit
b. No deficit.

Do you want to be
a. District 5 councillor
b. Mayor.

Should your pay raise be
a. doubled to $30,000
b. increased to 1/300,000th
of City budget.

City of Worcester Request for Proposals: NEW MAYOR:

Qualifications: Ability to
concisely state positions.

Compensation: 15,000 or 30,000

Experience: Local political

Residency: Must reside in Worc.

The taxpayers reserve the right to reject any and all candidates.