April 26, 2007

Airport Numbers

9 months into this fiscal year, here are the numbers ending March 31, 2007:

Airfield 115,151
Airfield Support 225,680
Terminal 162,815
Misc 136,291

Total Revenues 639,937

Salaries 629,303
Maintenance 720,361
Capital 3,669
Debt Service 486,776
Fringe 272,961

Total Expenditures 2,113,070

Net Loss 1,473,133

Since the debt service is 486,776, the operating deficit is 986,357. Per the current agreement, MassPort pays 67% (660,859) and Worcester pays the balance or 325,498. If you add debt service and our portion of the operating debt, that equates to 812,274 over 9 months or 90,252 per month or 20,827 per week.


Dave from Worcester said...

I have noticed the airport traffic, atleast what is left, is going down, according to flightaware. Today we had 0 landings and 1 departure! We used to have 4 or 5 of both a while ago. Worcester needs to really get going.

Bill Randell said...

Dave from Worcester:

I am not surprised to see this from the comments on this blog from tenants of the airport and pilots who utilize ORH. How many times have we seen comments in regards to the high price of fuel? As of last month board minutes the hangar problems still had not been resolved.

Anonymous said...

Following the plan I published last year would have shown a Net Profit of $153,161

Charley Farley

Dave from Worcester said...

I understand. We just got the first Boeing 732 in about 6 months to charter here tonight. This bird use to be common to ORH.

Dave from Worcester said...

Ohh yeah, and you can call me Dave :)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of a Boeing 732? Do you mean the Airtrans B-757 that flew in a few days ago?

Dave from Worcester said...

Well, today was a fairly busy day. About 10-15 landing and departures, what we should see more, but do not. Ever since I mentioned the 732, 3 have visited ORH in the past week.