August 03, 2010

Pharmasphere Update

Nobody is going to believe this one but it is true, click the link here.      Here is the headline:

Converted Organics Announces that PharmaSphere Systems, LLC Agrees to License Its System to Grow Medical Marijuana for Rhode Island Non-Profit

Can't wait for the next parcel to go out to RFP.  Only good thing is I know alot of people in the area who have alot of experience growing pot, who may get hired. 


Anonymous said...

That will be one company who will have zero turnover once it is up and running...

Harry T

Brendan Melican said...

Why am I not going to believe this? Imaginary weed makes a hell of a lot more sense than imaginary periwinkles.

Just wait till next year when all the major tobacco growers start setting up shop in CA and WA.

Jahn Dough said...

"Rhode-Island based Innovative Solutions for Non-Profits, Inc., is an organization focused on providing technical and financial support to local non-profit businesses that has applied for a license to grow medical marijuana at a facility in Rhode Island."

Maybe I am missing something here but why would a co. that provides technical & financial support apply for a license to grow pot? It seems that providing technical support would mean knowledge based support, like a law firm or an engineering firm. Providing financial support seems to mean money to me. Getting licensed to do something seems a bit out of the realm of providng technical & financial support.

Interestingly enough, it is also a non profit company, so immediately my curiousity is raised to another level and gov't funding would almost seem to enter into the equation? Kinda like the CDC'ing of a company that wants a license to grow pot.

I think if I could see an organization(s) chart of these diff. entities it become clearer to me or maybe I need a couple of tokes to clear out my brain-sphere?

Jahn said...

I just googled "Innovation Solutions for Non Profits Inc" and all that came up was todays news release.

Seems unusual unless this entity is newly formed?....and if so does this raise even more questions?

I cannot help but wonder how much politcal juice these folks may have?

May be Barney Frank can come to Main South if this plant ever opens and he can see first hand what marijuana is all about. Afterall he was in attendance at huge pot party up in Maine a while back ...possibly at his own house???.......and when the local constabulary showed up he claims he knows nothing about what pot smells like or looks like? File under Fannie Mae?

Rich Greenhalgh said...

The Walmart of Pot. Fight The Power!

Anonymous said...

This venture is indeed curious give ISNP's mission. Perhaps they see it as a big money maker so they can continue their other services which seem to rely on $ from other sources...

Eric K.
Worc., MA

Bill Randell said...


Your arguement makes some sense if the the underlying company has some type of chance at success.

Bottom line is an abutting tax-paying company bid 50,000 for this parcel. No way in hell they should have lost out to Pharmasphere.

I say put an RFP out again next month that offers the EPA clean-up money and 2.5 million HUD guaranteed loan and you will see alot of interest.


David Z. said...

There are additional details about this in today's Worcester T&G.