August 12, 2011

New Garden Park


Worcester, Massachusetts
Worcester County
Street Address: 89 Shrewsbury Street, Suite 300
Zip Code: 01604

Congressional  District(s):   03

EPA ID #: BF96113001
Type of Funding: Cleanup Grant
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New Garden Park, Inc. has received the following EPA Brownfields funding:
Grant Number Grant Type Amount Funding Type Year Awarded Status

BF96113001 Cleanup of the Former Worcester Vocational High School - Parcel B $200,000 Hazardous Substances 2009 Active
Cleanup of the Former Worcester Vocational High School - Parcel C $200,000 Hazardous Substances

Total $400,000


Jahn said...

So I read that the Osgood Bradley Building which abuts the Union Station Garage Majal is 75% empty. When I read that, guess what thot went through my mind? An autographed, crisp $2 bill to whoever can answer my question correctly.

Hey at least there's consistency in the area.... i.e. significantly vacant commercial properties except the RR bridges ( if they could be considered commercial property?) which are overloaded with pigeons and pigeon dung.

Better call in the pigoen & zoning police as I think the pigeons are violating city lodging house rules....overloaded dwelling lodging house license........public defecation......inadequate/no bathroom facilities. But hey WTH, the devils we know might be better than the devils that we dont least the pigeons aint on meth, crack, or coke.

As Willie would say, is it just me or does anyone else see an irony in buidling a parking garage only 1,000 ft away (as the pigeon flies) from the site of a major parkign garage demolition which garage has been 3/4's(?) empty for at least 1/2 decade? Now I know these parking garages aint an apples to apples cpmparison..............but????

Paulie, you old canine..I was on Camp St last sightings of the 265 lb, red haired Bigfoot???????????. File under MIA?

On another note guys, my heart (yes I have one) goes out the 30 soldiers killed in Afganistan last weekend. I cannot possibly imagine the grief of a parent as they open their front door to be greeted by a military entourage bearing such terrible news. REAL HEROES

Paulie's Point of View said...

on the cape this week senor pedro jahn....hung local this weekend....went to the worcester world soccer tournament at Foley Stadium and celebration of buddha at temple on Dewey....skipped town for a week last week....

Jahn said...

BIll, I have to hand to Nemeth today. I too have questioned on this blog how many different groups we need marketing Worc. And I too have questioned why there seesm to be no follow up on the productivity of these multiple marketing groups.

Next maybe Mr Nemeth will question exacly what it is Worc's C of C does and what they cost us each annaully.

Oddly enuff, unless i missed it, there was no mentioned of what groups if any market the airport nor any mention of how any marketing efforts panned out during Mr Z's tenure as airport commish???

File under: people with barrels of ink best look in the mirror b4 they criticize????