September 30, 2012

Central Mass Chronicles

Just watched it.    Barbara Haller, Allen Fletcher, Robert a Schaefer and  Randy Feldman. 

According to Allen-Barbara and Randy, the only people invest in Main South are the CDC's.   Somone better tell Russell Haims, Arthur Mooradian, Paulie, nader, Armand and myself to name a few that the CDC's are the only ones who invest in real estate in  Main South.   


Jahn said...

I invest in Main South too! Who do you think is paying for the constr of 1/2 million $$$$ apts in Main South? NO sane private business man would ever pay that amt from their own pockets.

What is you know who doing at the site of that ancient Sunoco station at Main and Piedmont that also used to be a taxi depot of sorts? Just curious.

Alzheimers walk yesterday. Lotsa good intentioned folks, but maybe they have alzheimers and forgot that main thoroughfares are not meant for pushing baby carriges 2 abreast. Dittos for pedestrians 3 abreast. I dam near clipped a small kid yesterday going only 10 mph !

David Z. said...

Bill, I hope you don’t mind but I am going to respond to a couple of your recent posts in the same one.

1st: Hanover rumored to be bidding on more property DT near City Hall.

This is great news for DT Worcester if Hanover is bidding on more property near City Hall. Perhaps a couple of the buildings on Front Street (I.e. the Midtown Mall) that they want to redevelop so that both Front Street entrances to CitySquare will be complimentary.

With the recent article in the T&G about the expansion plans for MCPHS downtown along with CM O’Brien hinting again in this week’s Worcester Magazine (both links below) about further DT development announcements, I am more bullish than ever about our center city. IMHO, Mike O’Brien would not be dropping hints if announcements weren’t coming soon because history has shown us that he tends to keep things very close to the vest.

2nd: Investing in Main South

The Junction Shops redevelopment project cleared its last hurdle this week with the city and is expected to start the project within the next couple of months. More market rate housing from a very reputable developer in Main South in spite of what Bill points out is contrary to Allen, Barbara, and Randy’s comments on CM Chronicles. Kudos to all of you that have invested private money and resources in Main South! Now we can add Brady Sullivan Properties of Manchester, N.H to that list as developer of the Junction Shops. In fact they have already paid 1.1 million dollars to buy the property in 2011.