September 03, 2012

Nick K

I have been trying to focus solely on JetBlue until an announcement, which I feel is coming in October. That said... Read Nick K article in the Sunday Telegram.

  1. Great story
  2. 650,000,000   million unfunded health insurance liability
  3. it is this amongst other unfunded olbiglations that concern

Mike O'Brien has done a great job.   I know some people may disagree, but I really believe he has done a good..     Boys and girls, if there is not something real dramatic that happens in our futue over the next ten years, there is no escaping the fact the City of Worcester will be in bankruptcy.

City Council, I hope you are listening!!!!!      Versus worrying about stuff that simply does not matter, we are the Titantic heading for the iceberg.    Do you want to call out an alert, roll up your sleeves and make changes to avert the iceberg or do you want to simply do nothing and keep getting elected every two years??

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that 650,000,000 million is the same as 650 trillion, right? If that is the number, then you are well and truly screwed...