September 19, 2012

October 2002 RKG Housing report

From conclusion. Ten years ago next month!!   How accurate was this?  When the new Housing Policy is released will the conclusion be followed this time?  I have the entire two page conclusion if nayone wants it, I can e-mail it to you:

The City's policy of using the many CDC's to develop low income housing should be reconsidered.  While the renovation work has helped stabilize some of the neighborhoods, especially at a time when the redevelopment was needed, their subsidized redvelopment has alienated some local builders/developers.   In adition, this policy has little, if any, affect on the owner-occupancy rate. 

Another alternative to renovating triple deckers would be to thin out selectively some of these buildings and make the sites ready for single family homes in a townhouse style, and market the sites to private developer for construction.

The CDC's in the future should be considered more of a developer of last choice, and the focus of the CDC's should shift to creating necessary amentiies that are lacking in some of the densely developer areas in the submarkets.   In addition, the CDC's should facilitate with future residential planning, site assemblage and land banking if needed.   Managing condominium associations for

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