April 25, 2013

Natchez Mississippi Slots Part-- from Paulie

Natchez, Mississippi has two small slot parlors each with a couple of tables......I saw none of the neighborhood destruction the other evening that is being mentioned in The Big Woo.

Natchez, MS is a high end historic city...... with a working poor neighborhood not far away

there were no prostitutes, no trash, no mamas spending baby formula money, no kids hanging around, no drug dealers, lots of middle class elderly and cats like myself with disposable income.....I went in for two hours and played some slots and a few hands of black jack...adult entertainment in a cool setting on the Mississippi River...hours earlier a band had been playing.

and Natchez is not defined by these slot parlors they are defined by it's rich history and the quality of life it experiences today....the slots were just one more reason to go to Natchez, Mississippi...Worcester will only be defined by slots if it allows itself to be defined by slots...



U kNow Who said...

Worcester, land of free, home of the slots, shots, cops, and Section 8 parlors.

One could not even dream up such movie.

Was Richard correct in his letter to the editor....6,000 apts in the City Sq general vicinity.....currently exising and to be built? Can't be that many?

Claude P. Dorman & Kunigunde Cigan Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

Dennis Irish and Gerry Damico are making the rounds discussing..I look forward to hearing what they have to say and to see the design plans before making a decision

David Z. said...

With so much going on in Worcester, it would be great to see this blog revived.