April 23, 2013

Slot Parlor for Holden

Couple points.  

I look at this project as a huge development project.   From what I have heard 200 million dollar investement, infrastructure improvements, jobs, 6 Million dollars per year in taxes etc.    Actually I supported a proposed project 5 or 6 years ago for this very parcel, when they wanted to make it into a mixed use and needed a zone change.  The zone change was denied.

If we could get Google to come to this parcel and make us a Google Fiber City (John Carnegie) , I woud support it over a slot parlor in a second.  To the people who have said to me, something along the lines that I live in Holden and how would I like it in my town.

I would whole heartedly support this!!!  In fact I would urge the Town Manager to contact them and roll out the red carpet.   

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