April 20, 2013

Pharmasphere Parcel

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Now for the Pharmasphere parcel.   Janaury of 2008, can I say that again 2008, this parcel on the corner of Gardner and Canterbury Street was awarded to Pharmasphere for $1 beating an abutter that bid $50,000.
Flash forward 5 plus years later.  After dragging this out for over 3 years, Pharmasphere never took title to this parcel. 

As of today the parcel still is owned by the City of Worcester and I have no idea if there is even another RFP scheduled.   

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Jahn said...

Dare I ask if they shoveled their sidewoks this wintaaaah?

Bill, not to denigrate or besmirch or belittle any particular bureuacrats in Worc, but the city has no business being in the real estate business. That includes any & all facets of real estate, including but not limited to building, facilitating or otherwise accommodating ice skating rinks just because a couple of large non-profit, non taxpaying entities need/want/desire a downtown ice hockey rink. Hey I desire free DT parking, but I aint never going to get that !

Bill, do we know if this industrial park is listed with any of the large commercial real esate brokers like a Leggatt McCall, Spaulding Slye, or others whose names I cant recall at the moment. If not, why not? These people and their staffs market parcels this and they depend on their successful marketing and sales efforts to feed their families and pay their mortgages. In other words unlike city marketing efforts, these organizations and their employees will be starving and homeless if they dont succeed. My point is they are highly motivated to succeed.

Again I ask re this new bus terminal and Union Station in general, if it is anticipated that there will be a huge amount of foot traffic from Union Station to City Sq and back, how in the world is this accomplished with foot traffic having to cross a 6 or 8 lane, median strip divided, major thoroughfare, city boulevard? Not being a traffic engineer or designer, maybe I am miSsing something here