March 08, 2006

Airport Commission

There is a vacancy!! Deadline is March 31st, 2005. Send a resume and cover letter to Board needs passionate people so please anyone reading this consider applying.




tim said...

I received my letter form the Citizens Advisory Council and was going to aply.

Ytown Fan said...


Bill you have so many ideas, throw your resume in PLEASE. You can get so much more done with your blog and your airport!

Good Luck TIMMY!

Bill Randell said...

Last year I mover two miles over the line into Holden. Technically I am not eligible since I am not a resident..

I think, however, there is an arguement to be made that the board should have one person who does not have to live in the city of Worcester. It is the Worcester REGIONAL Airport.

There is also an arguement that city employees (fireman) should be eligible to be on the board also.

Tom said...

What is the status of the question: "Why can't city employees contribute to a board/commission outside of their primary job?"

This question has been posed to Councilor Rushton, City Manager O'Brien's office, and the Airport Liaison. Their answer has consistently been because "this is the current policy".

Advance the question. There might be a current city employee, who happens to be a Firefighter (PC term) who, among other things, has an interest in aviation.

Bill Randell said...


As you can tell by the blog, I have not had the best luck getting answers to my questions... I say put your resume in and see what the City Administation says.

I find it ridiculous that you can not be on the Airport Commission since you are fireman. If any issues came in front of the board regarding fire department matters, you would have to recuse yourself like Dennis Irish did as a city councilor when anything came up regarding Medical City.

Maybe the only way we will get an answer is to submit a resume?