March 08, 2006

Delta Looking for Flights to JFK

We should approach Delta!!!! Check out this story below. It is pretty much the same theory we proposed 2 years ago when we thought about JetBlue and their Embraer 190 to JFK. The only difference is that it is Delta. Maybe we could team up with Portsmouth and put together a package deal???

Delta Air Lines will introduce 46 new nonstop flights a day from New York JFK to 17 new destinations this summer. The new routes will serve destinations across the Northeast and the West Coast connecting passengers with Delta's JFK hub. They will be phased in between June and September. When all of the new services are operational, Delta will boast more flights out of JFK to more destinations than any other airline - 139 peak day services to 67 cities worldwide.

This summer's new and expanded destinations are expected to include Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse; Cleveland; Detroit; Norfolk and Richmond; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Hartford; Providence; Washington, D.C (Reagan and Dulles); San Diego; Las Vegas; and Montreal in Canada. The expansion has been welcomed by Senator Hilary Clinton, who outlined the flights' importance to local economies: "Delta's expansion of air service to cities in Upstate and Western New York is welcome news. It is important to have thriving air service into these regions as it will help the local economies grow and increase tourism throughout the state."

To ensure that there is sufficient infrastructure to support the increased JFK presence, Delta has also unveiled plans to spend $10 million improving facilities at Terminals 2 and 3.


tim said...

Delta would be better than JetBlue with more destinations throughout the USA and World. ORH should make a big push for them.

Ytown Fan said...

Delta promised us in 2002 they'd come if we had proper funding via the SCASD and when we got that money they stranded us and never announced a damm thing. Of course our airports need a legacy carrier, but I think UNITED and USAIR and CONTINENTAL are the safest financially...


Bill Randell said...

The past two years have been very bad for Legacy carriers like Delta. Here is where cities like YNG/Gary/Portsmouth/ORH could maybe try to work together to put together something to lure Delta to fly to a couple shuttles per day to JFK?

If nothing else it would get JetBlue's attention

Bill Randell said...


Who is COA??


Alec said...


COA is COntinental Airlines.