March 01, 2006

Festival Airlines

Rockford announces new airline---Festival Airlines.. Lets keep an eye on this one.

ROCKFORD — Festival Airlines announced today that it has scheduled an event on Thursday at Chicago/Rockford International Airport to announce a “relationship” with the airport, which officials have said will include new air service to several destinations from the Forest City.
The Chicago-based company is a leisure airline that provides nonstop jet service to vacation destinations and vacation packages. The airline will focus on primary and secondary metropolitan airports, according to a company statement released today.

Expected to attend the news conference to announce the service are executives from the company and airport officials. The event will be held at 10 a.m. on the first floor of the airport’s main terminal. The airline is a startup carrier with plans to begin operations nationally. The company’s board of directors is expected to include several people with expertise and experience in the aviation industry.


Anonymous said...


Sorry that this is OT...but I have a question for you. You once posted a link to a site where we could see the Allegiant flights coming in and out of the airport. I have looked through the blog's archive and can't find it. Do you remember what the site's web address is?

Bill Randell said...

there is a link called flight tracker.

the ORH flights are 775 776

Ytown Fan said... is by far the best...Try that 2.