March 10, 2006

Linear Air

About 18 months ago, Tom Moore called Dave Ulmer (strategic flight planner for JetBlue) and invited him to ORH. Ulmer stopped by and was greeted by a pretty large crowd and Tim DeSantis put together the video on the JetBlue Road.

Linear Air is based in Hanscom Field and will be getting the new Eclipse (very light jets). I would call him and invite him to lunch at ORH, if I knew other people would greet him with me. Anyone else in??




John Hamilton said...

Hi Bill, this really has nothing to do with Linear Air, but today I saw something very interesting. I live in Shrewsbury, and the airport is very close to me...I see Allegiant Air's MD-80s fly over my house very low all the time, lining up for the landing...but today I was outside in my driveway, and I saw a Boeing 737 flying very low...VERY LOW... so low that the trees were moving all over the place. I knew it wasnt going to Boston, because it was too low, and I am about 40 miles from Boston. Anyways, It was so low that I could see the livery on the plane, and it was not Allegiant, one because it was a 737, which they don't fly, and it didn't say Allegiant on the side. What other airline with larger planes goes to ORH?? I couldn't make out what the plane said on the side because of the sun, but it was red white and gray. Was it a cargo plane? Just wanted to was quiet, then the trees started shaking and it sounded like a train was coming at us and out popped a 737. Just a little curious.


Bill Randell said...

Go to and hit link on the first page top middle:

Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. "Ameristar" (Dallas, TX)
Aircraft Boeing 737-200 (twin-jet) [B732/Q]

Origin Washington Dulles Int'l [KIAD]

Destination Worcester Regional [KORH]
Other flights between these airports

Date Friday, Mar 10, 2006
Duration 51 minutes
Status Arrived over 5 hours ago (track log)
Proposed/Assigned Actual/Estimated
Departure 01:45PM EST 03:24PM EST
Arrival 02:33PM EST 04:15PM EST
Speed 415 kts
Altitude 35000 feet

Bill Randell said...
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