March 19, 2006


They are coming!! There has been alot of talk the past couple of years, but the future is here with the first VLJ's (Very Light Jets) coming on-line this year. Check out this story,1,6227915.story?coll=chi-business-hed

Here is a section:

If the market takes off, Palwaukee ( figures to benefit. While it is home to several business jets because of its proximity to a number of corporations in the north and northwest suburbs, it can handle more traffic, Rouleau said. The little jets can land on runways as short as 3,000 feet, compared with the 5,000 feet needed by the smallest jets now being flown. Two of Palwaukee's three runways are shorter than 5,000 feet but longer than 3,000 feet.Rouleau is so excited about the prospects for the new jets that he has requested proposals to redevelop an empty terminal at the airfield to accommodate the planes and passengers.

He's been planning ahead because two manufacturers are on pace to gain final FAA certification for their very light jets this year.The first of those is the Eclipse 500 from Eclipse Aviation Corp., which hopes for FAA approval by the end of June. At $1.3 million, the six-seater is one of the lowest-priced twin-engine jets available. A combination of new jet engine technology and lower-cost electronics has helped drive prices down.

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