March 29, 2006

Airport Liaison

I received the following e-mail response regarding the status of the information, that I have requested numberous times, from Airport Liaison Niddrie last night March 28th :

Got your letter on the 22nd. Reply in process.

My letter that he received on May 22nd asked Airport Liaison Niddrie for the following information:

  1. the monthly parking reports from LAZ
  2. the most recent qtrly filing to the DOT on how the Small Community Air Service Grant
  3. has been spent operating numbers for the first half of fiscal year (2006).

Upon receipt I will post information on the blog and web site.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who screwed with pete derkazarian?
Well Arthur Arakelian ...finally found out it was you. (see FAA Jane Garvey vs Peter Derkazarian transcipt.
Sorry Pete got screwed and took the joy out of flying...but you blamed the wrong people and you knew it Arthur....