March 11, 2006

Gary, Indiana

Although it is in Indiana, it is very close to Chicago. Right now they have no commercial flights since Hooters Air has not resumed service.... Now think about secondary airpots in the Northeast--Portsmouth/New Haven/Worcester to name a few..

What if we could convine someone to make Gary. Indiana hub for secondary airports to popular leiasure destinations like Mytrle Beach, Vegas and other Florida destinations like St Pete's, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers. Not to mention the fact that you are only 1/2 hour outside of Chicago.

All the airports could work together to put together monies to attract an airline, offer lower overhead to fly out of their airports and between the various catchment areas practically guarantee high loads.


MJD said...

First of all why no simply rename the airport Logan-West. Forget keeping Worcester. No one can spell it or say it. If they are coming here, fine. They will come here. If they are not, just take their money and let them call it what they please.

As for the linkage of secondary airports, it seems to be something that should have been thought of a long time ago. There are a lot of cities like Worcester that are not big enough to be strong markets and are not capitols like that dreaded RI city and can draw on state funds like a checking account. Get them together. Get them to form a federation that can negotiate from strength.

Bill Randell said...


Could not agree with you more.. Instead of 5 secondary cities in the NorthEast spending monies on consultants and studies, they should simply have the airport direcotrs (who get paid) work together to recruit airlines.

It seems like a very simple process to me...

More importantly we need to think out of the box..... Gary, In as a hub for secondary airport sounds like a great plan!!!

Ytown Fan said...

I am against the secondary airports pulling together to an extent for the simple reason, certain areas have certain markets they would support and demand more.

We need to band together to talk with airlines, not try for one route using 1 plane between 4 airports.

Bill Randell said...

All the cities I mention have florida destinations, Vegas and Myrtle Beach as their top picks.

At first hub system utilzing Gary amy be the way to go, until each city on its own can prove it can support a direct flight. Lets say as airline, for example, notices alot of people are flying Gary then to Fort Lauderdale, they would make a direct ORH- Fort Lauderdale flight.

Ytown Fan said...

Once again I disagree. Why fly west to fly South?

I doubt any airline would do it anyway.

Yes we may have routes in common, but most people here HATE One Stoppers.

Alec said...

I agree with YNG. Even leisure travelers hate flights that they have to stop two or three times.

I don't think there are many people in ORH's primary trade area who are willing to fly to Gary, IN for the final destination of Chicago. When ORH had NON-STOP service to Chicago (ORD), IT FAILED!!!

The reason we must pool our resources is to convince airlines that our airports are worth something.

Bill Randell said...

You guys are right.. Why fly west to fly south.. Why stop once when you can fly direct.

How are we doing right now recruiting direct flights?? Over the past three years, one route...

Coupling up with a Gary or Youngstown to put a route is not the end game.. The end game is that once it starts and people starting booking it then we show the demand for a direct flight.

We all want direct flights but nobody is banging down our door so teaming up with another city may be something worth looking into.

MJD said...

My suggestion about a federation of cities is not necessarily meant that they should be linked with hubs and spokes. What I am suggesting is that there are second-tier cities (simply because they are overshadowed by less-than-magnanimous larger cities) that can pool their "buying" power and convince airlines they are worth working with.

Forget whether people from Worcester will fly to Gary or to Youngstown. Get "Airline XYZ" to see that they need to schedule flights to these cities and major hubs because they have a lot of passengers collectively and can flex their muscles. Worcester to Atlanta or Gary to Houston or Youngstown to NYC. That is what I meant. It might just save some airline that is about to be eaten alive. Midway would have been a good example before it failed miserably in North Carolina.