March 15, 2006

February Minutes

I have them and will post sometime today on the website. Of the questions I have been asking

1) Are we applying for a DOT grant this year? Nothing in the minutes.

2) Copy of the most recent filing with DOT as to how money has been spent? Not in the minutes.

Although the February minutes do state that $50,000 has been spent to advertise Allegiant which Allegiant has matched. To date $100,000 for the IMG study, $50,000 for IMG (not sure?) to prepare presentations and $50,000 for Allegiant advertising so there is another $255,000 remaining. Again I am only guessing since there is no documentation.

3) Operating loss for the airport from July 1 thru December 31? Nothing in the minutes.

4) Copy of the monthly report from LAZ parking? Not in the minutes.

Although it does state an average of $425 per operation day and the targeted $15,000 should be met. I guess this means $425 two days per week, since we have flights two days per week, which would equate to $44,200. Less the operating cost for LAZ, which is approximately $2,500 per month or $30,000 per year, would net out the $15,000 per month.

Keep in mind that these are the peak operating months for flights to Orlando, we need to keep an eye on this. The question that needs to be asked would the benefits of offering free parking offset a loss of $15,000 of profit over 12 months? I think is does.


Alec said...

Currently there are four weekly flights (Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday). The two weekly flights lasted from early January to early February.

Bill Randell said...

Alex, you are right.

I will post the minutes on-line tomorrow and everyone else will have a chance to translate the meaning of the minutes.

Ytown Fan said...

I was going to say. Allegiant's booking site has you with 4 flights a week.

YNG has 2, hopefully will expand to 3-4.