March 14, 2006

Katie's Allegiant Air Experience

Good Morning, Bill ...

Just want you to know that I was very pleased with my overall experience with Allegiant Air.

First, the Orlando/Sanford: "Tale of Woe"

On 9 March I arrived at the Orlando/Sanford Airport at 7:25 a.m. ~well in advance of the 10:25 a.m. departure time. ... I am disabled, being deaf and unable to walk long distances (using crutch canes) and required a wheelchair (which was requested when I made my reservations). ... After asking a couple of airport and Allegiant employees for a wheelchair, a young man wearing an Allegiant polo shirt, brought a wheelchair to the front entrance for me. ... ... Then he left me there. *Sigh*. ... It was virtually impossible for me to navigate the wheelchair and handle my carry-on luggage. ~ There I sat until another employee was walking past me. ~ I managed to get his attention and asked if he would please assist me to the ticket desk. ... Which he did... leaving me there in the check-in line with approximately six other passengers ahead of me. ~ Finally, one of the gals at the check-in desk, waived to me and motioned me forward. ... Duh? ... I asked for assistance, and she came out from behind the counter and moved my wheelchair up closer to the counter. ~ After handing me my boarding pass, she moved the wheelchair into the waiting area and said someone would be by to take me upstairs. ... An hour later, I was still sitting there. ~ Managed to get someone's attention, and was told they had "forgotten" I was there! ... Had to wait another 20 minutes before an employee arrived to take me upstairs and through security, etc. .... Rather than "pre-boarding" as I always am, I was literally the last passenger to board the plane.

The flight was one of the best I have experienced. ... From the time I was assisted to my seat to the time a cheerful airport employee arrived with the wheelchair to take me to the terminal and the Avis rental desk.... Delightful.

Worcester to Orlando/Sanford: Delightful !

On 13 March, I returned to the airport at 9:00 a.m. for my 11:00 flight back to Orlando/Sanford. ... From the moment I parked the rental car by the curb and requested assistance, everyone was just super. ... Two airport security officers assisted me inside the terminal, into a wheelchair and even brought me and my carry-on luggage to the Avis desk to check the car back in; and immediately called for someone to assist me to the ticket desk. ... Rather than being left in line, I was brought right up to a ticket agent, received my boarding pass and was immediately taken through security and to the boarding gate. ~ When the plane arrived, I was cheerfully assisted onboard and to my seat.

Bill the ENTIRE Worcester Airport experience was an absolute delight. ~ From the time I arrived at the curb to the time I boarded the plane.

The Allegiant flight crew was wonderful ! ... Both the flight to Worcester and the flight home to Orlando/Sanford was a joyous, relaxing experience. ... I would recommend Allegiant Air service from Worcester to Orlando/Sanford to anyone. ... And do hope it continues for a very, very long time. ... And am hoping the problems and lack of service at the Orlando/Sanford Int'l Airport will be remedied soon.

Thank you for your assistance. ... Hope you are keeping warm up there today. ~ It was a joy to return to sunshine and warm temps. ... Smile.


Alec said...

It's great to hear that the Allegiant service is being well received by all different types of people. We can sometimes get caught up with our opinions, especially since we are all supporters of the airport and Allegiant.

Katie said...

Just a quick correction to my post. ... So not to confuse anyone, my Allegiant flight departed from the Orlando/Sanford Int'l Airport at 7:25 a.m. (not 10:25 as I erroneously indicated).

Although I am a former native of Worcester County, I have since lived in the UK and now Florida. It has been many years since I had been to the Worcester Airport... the renovations and new services are just wonderful!

What a joy to be able to fly directly, non-stop from Orlando/Sanford to Worcester. ~~ Had previously had to fly into Bradley/Hartford, and drive into Worcester. ~ Would not even consider Logan/Boston !! ... AND, thanks to Allegiant's Worcester to Orlando/Sanford service, I and many others appreciate not having to fly into the heavily congested, impersonal Orlando International Airport in Kissimmee !!

Am joining the ranks of supporters of the ORH and Allegiant flight service.