May 01, 2012

Free WIFI at ORH

Maybe this is old news??
Click here

Thanks Harry 


mike said...

hey bill,

this off topic of your post but i believe I remember in the past you talking about 5 May Street for some reason. It was brought up last night in city council, look at the 8:29 time of Jeremy's recent liveblog at the Council meeting. Some back and forth dialogue.

Nick said...

Also off topic, but email I recieved from Andy Davis...

"Ideally CAT II or III would begreat to have at Worcester, but keep in mind airlines do not require it. Category I ILS is typical for airports of similar capacity and weatherconditions. For example, shoreline airports with commercial airservice such as Nantucket, Martha’s vineyard, and Hyannis all have CAT I. Navaids such as ILS are owned, operated and maintained by the Federal AviationAdministration ( FAA) and would be a considerable investment for them toinstall it at Worcester. A significant and sustained increase inactivity and demand would be needed before it would pass their Benefit/Costrequirements.

Andy Davis

Airport Director

Worcester Regional Airport"