April 25, 2007

City Manager O'Brien & WCCA

WCCA's Maura DePasquale it taping an interview with City Manager O'Brien for his "Soapbox" show. I urge readers of this blog to submit any questions that they may have by hitting this link.

I asked a question reading the upcoming agreement with MassPort. Since I am assuming MassPort will pay 100% of the operating deficit, will they also pay the debt service (approximately 600,000 per year). At the end of the new agreement or maybe during the agreement, again I assume MassPort will have an option to buy ORH. How is this amount being determined?


Anonymous said...

Question: Given that the City should not be in airport business or the nursing home business (former Belmont Home) or the hospital business (former City Hospital) then why should the city be subsidizing the television broadcasting business (WCCA)and should the performers, community activists and politicians who frequent WCCA airwaves find their own venue and pay for it?

Why do I have to subsidize their venues with my cable TV dollars and dont tell me it's only 11 cents per month added on to my monthly Charter bill.

Anonymous said...

The city doesn't subsidize WCCA. WCCA is funded by Charter cable subscribers. The law requires that 5% of cable revenue goes to community programming.

The city decides how that money will be divided between the government channel, the educational channel, and public access (WCCA).