April 04, 2007


Had a chance to get away to enjoy some nice weather in Boca Raton, sorry about the lack of posts. My flight back from Fort Lauderdale was delayed for three hours this morning, turns out the Airbus A320 that was suppose to fly out first thing this morning hit a bird landing night and "birds do a lot more damage then people realize."

Waiting around 3 hours was not fun, but JetBlue gave everyone $50 refund for the delay, free movies (besides the free Direct TV) and the plane itself is simply awesome.What really bothered me was watching the JetBlue plane load up for for one of their newest destinations, the privatized Stewart Interanational, which is currently being bought back by Port of New York and New Jersey from National Express for 88 million. What I also found incredible that this morning I was on one of three flights for Boston to Fort Lauderdale.

Just like the flight down, the leg room, the leather seats and the Direct TV (fee speaker phones) is the best and make the flight a breeze. Leaving Boston, the wait for the bags was not bad, but parking cost $88 for 4 days and the drive home was brutal. There is a market here for JetBlue either with a code sharing agreement with Cape Air or, I still believe, a diversion of two of the ten Embraers from Boston to ORH. Are we talking to JetBlue or Cape Air?

  • April 3rd posting from Cranky Flier indicates Skybus is looking at Portsmouth, NH. Thanks Matt. Are we talking to Skybus?
  • South Florida is looking to improve large Section of Route 595. If the government does it themselves, it is projected the costs and time will be too high. As a result they are considering a sale of this section to a private party, who will then install tolls. Great story in the Sun Sentinel.


Anonymous said...

Would Cape Air have held the connecting flight to ORH three hours for your delayed flight?

Bill Randell said...


Exactly what is your problem??? Would Cape Air have held my flight?? I do not know the answer, but do you truly think that JetBlue would have just left me there without options???

At Fort Lauderdale today, there was a problem at LaGuardia (weather) and people were being flown to JFK and then a bus was being provided to LaGuardia. JetBlue will make provisions for people flying to P-town, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Hyannis in the event their initial flight is delayed 3 hours. The word here that I am looking for is called "BUSINESS", which is not unique to the airline industry.

Obviously "anonymous", you have no clue of what a business in the private sector has to do to adapt to the problems that are thrown at him, or her, every day.



Anonymous said...

"Obviously "anonymous", you have no clue .....

Message received loud and clear.

ThrM said...

You invite your own critics, Bill. Similar to never returning three different phone calls.

Bill Randell said...


I did not intentionally mean not to call you back. At the same time, am I under an obligation to call you back?

If you are not happy with my level of service to this blog and my response to your phone calls, please fire me.. Better yet, start your own blog.

I would read it and would enjoy reading your point of view as I do crankyflier, youngstown and many others.


ThrM said...

No obligation on your part, Bill! And there's no assumption of employment here so your suggestion of "firing" you is over-dramatic. You're having a great time generating dialogue, but you invite your own critics, often don't know who is commenting (which is an endemic problem with a blog), are trying to advance a unilaterally written agenda in a virtual vacuum, and then try to seriously engage posters until they capitulate or just shut down!

My attempts to contact you were regarding time-sensitive matters best communicated by phone or in person, which I thought you still valued over this medium. Apparently, you disagree, and would prefer everything be posted here. That has been, and will be, the airports' loss, if anything we could have collectively accomplished was worthwhile. And this does not infer that I agree with your M.O. all the time.

A new blog would only detract from the stated objective. Why double the number of ORH blogs seeking input when this one already fills that niche? To use your favorite business analogy, why would I want to take business away from a successful store?

Anonymous said...

message received loud and clear