April 11, 2007

March Airport Minutes

March Board Minutes . Couple comments:

  1. Can we please let the Airport Director have the authority on his own to allow photo shoots.
  2. Hangar 2 insulation. How many months has it been that this has not been repaired--5???
  3. "Our Airport Director met a number of airlines and there was some potential interest in ORH." How many airlines, who, are we preparing packages for them with the help of IMG?
  4. Final Master Plan will be done in June..
  5. No mention at all regarding the future of airport when the current operating agreement ends July 1st.


Anonymous said...

No real info in the March minutes. I was hoping to read Jetblue, Delta and Skybus were going to start service and Massport was taking title. Maybe some day.

Bill Randell said...


Look on the bright side Scott Goodwin has a photoshoot at ORH.


Anonymous said...

Right, great news.

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with the airport but i just wanna say that i support Don Imus and his show will be dearly missed...so much for freedom of speech