November 24, 2008

Today's e-mail


I have tried several times to use your direct air website and every time i plug in the info needed and try to search for flights. it keeps telling me to put in a departure date which i already have listed.

is there something wrong with the site or am i doing something wrong??. i am a frequent flyer and i am very familiar with booking flights on line.

I would like to get into the site and see what you have to offer for flights to Sanford and Fort Myers.

I was excited to learn that you were offering service from Worc but I am a bit hesitant about this as I know Worc well and feel weather ( fog ) is an issue and delays flights. What if a flight is cancelled.??. do you transfer to RI or Boston for a flight out that day or just reschedule on the next flight out ??? which could be a major issue if attending a meeting etc.

Also i called the reservation number for info as i could not use the site. however, it took a very long wait time about 7- 8 minutes. i think this would discourage most business clients and think a local number would be much faster service.

With all respect, I have a few suggestions if you really want this to work in worc:

get the website working properly and easily for clients to use- offer a flexible with date option .... i see your flexible flyer option but that did nothing when i hit it, keeps saying to plug in a departure date .. which i did, still nothing.

speed up customer service with a local number to call , staff it in the worc. airport. with a personal contact. not computer .... if there is no local contact i doubt i would even attempt this .

flight cost needs to be lower than what i could get out of green, manchester or boston.
due to the risk factor of delays, cancellations and less airlines to be put onto.. the 99 deal when adding taxes etc. is not cheaper than what i can get out of the larger airlines.. its not that much of an inconvience to drive to the others ... the lower rate would be the issue i would use the worc airport.

offer better specials through email notice ( maybe you do already i just signed up )

i wish you luck and hopefully i will be able to find a cheap fare so i can fly from worc to fla.


Anonymous said...

i flew on direct from punta gorda to worcester yesterday it was the easiest flight i've ever been on. punta gorda terminal is very small(only one ticket station)makes it all very easy and simple. no jetways--only about 100 feet from terminal to plane. plane was new and had tv's at every seat. you could track the flight in the screen. no parking charge at punta gorda and only about a mile off I75. again easily the best and easiest flight i've eve been on.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is a parking charge at Worcester airport?

Bill Randell said...


No garage, just open lots very close to terminal however.


Anonymous said...

Sorry... not a garage, a charge for the open lot?
I want to go to Florida for a week and just want to do a cost comparison including all charges (including parking). If its free or somewhat reasonable, that would be great.
-Justin Smith

Anonymous said...

According to Flyorh blog visitor info and contact us parking is $7.00 a day $42.00 a week

Airport website still states same or you can call them directly (508)799-1350 to verify current status.
According to Airport Website do not park in car rental agency lot as this is reserved for car rental customers only and will be towed if rental agency ident not on car

Anonymous said...

I just called and confirmed. Parking at ORH is $7/day, $42/week.

Sprout said...

Saw a promo this morning on Fox 25 for a story tonight on the Worcester airport - "the empty airport that's costing you millions".


Anonymous said...

Just saw a commercial for Fox New on channel six and has done one of those Fox undercovers pieces on the airport and how it cost the tax payers millions. It will be on tonight during the ten oclock news.

Anonymous said... this point, ANY publicity is good publicity...

Maybe they should interview Bill and he can plug Avports or National Express?

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

I was on my computer and heared the commercial in the back ground talking about hearing the crickets chirping so I turned around and there was ORH.