November 27, 2012

Council Meeting on Housing

Did not have a chance to attend, but watched on television.  It was a great discussion and now it will go to the Economic Committee.   Great to see this conversation finally being had.   

One of the most interesting things was that everyone agreed with the recommendations from the report.  Seriously not one recommendation was questioned.   There is absolutely no reason that CDC's, private developers and anyone else cannot work together to meet the recommendations (THAT AGAIN EVERYONE AGREED TO) in the report.  

This is not about the past, but the future.    Look forward to moving forward to see the recommendations in the report become a reality!  

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Jahn said...

Sorry but the Economic Committee referral is where it may sit until the next such report is done 15 years hence. This a typical motis operandi so councilors years from now can say.....hey we referred to the Econ Comm and never heard anything back from them and thsi will after the CC disbands the Econ Comm a years from now. Great way to deep six anything.

Dare I ask, what exactly does Economic Committee do and how many economists actually sit on it and what and when was referred to it in the last few years?

Also Bill do not forget the share cropping or trailer parking arrangement some of Main Souths projects have. For those of you who dont know what it is, MSCDC will build a nice duplex townhouse (quality constr. too!) a.k.a. a single family attached (2 units) stucture. MSCDC will sell teh Building only to the share cropper or trailer Parkee and then rent the underlying piece of land. Any fools here interested in buying a house and long term leasing the land under it? I didnt think so.

Also HTF does this process foster home ownership or the ability to move up life's food chain by building equity in your own home, but not the land it sits on? Well this is what all those nicely constr'ed duplexes on Beacon St are all about that many saps paid about $200,000 for (if my memory is correct)........for only the building only that is. Wonder what they're assessed at now? Bill find out and let us know !!!!!! and then ask Mr/Mrs MSCDC if they sleep well at night.