November 01, 2012


Very interesting story in Boston Herald


Jahn said...

I just that story an hout ago.........Retrix is coming to Handscome & "an almost desserted Worc Airport" :(.

Before we all rejoice, let us not forget that rumor has it Retrix just wanted Handscome but also had to date Handscome's ugly sister, too.

It's like shopping for your Thanksgiving Day provisions and buying the bird, the potatoes, the squash, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce at Stop & Shop and then being told you have to buy the gravy at the Dollar Store.

And speaking of the Dollar Store, how are things in the Village of Piedmont lately? It seems to have dropped off the radar screen ??? Does the CBA still meet?

Bill Randell said...

nobody is rejoicing yet... Good positive step for ORH

Jahn said...

nEW CAR DElears kind of OPERATE like this. They may have 10 used car trade-ins on the lot that they want to wholesale...... 8of em decent used cars, 1 so-so used car, and 1 used car that no one wants.

To unload all of them they group all 10 together and force the buyer (bidder in this case) to take all of them.

Donde' Jet Blue? Any news at all? Nope! CC is too busy dealing w/panhandlers that should have been broomed from the city years ago and also sweeping the latest housing report into City Hall Archives and then eventually to the AUD storage building for shedding :)

Anonymous said...

Jahn...Paulie is rejoicing, he has the 2 best chefs in Worcester and the best men's tailor in Worcester right in the VoP. 'Urban Core'-leone is building his empire... one service at a time... now if he could get some manufacturing & hi tech in there... :P

Harry T

Jahn said...

Harry, I dont see any Greek deli's in the VOP. Maybe a mid life career change is in store for you? Just dont eat all the profits :) Good weekend to all!

And BTW, WTH is Mr Leone? He must be out of town consulting with the Donald.