April 21, 2013

Slots-why I am in favor

If we did not have already

  • 15 dollar scratch tickets
  • 36 two dollar scratch tickets
  • 28 five dollar tickets
  • 13 ten dolar tickets
  • 8 20 dolar tickets
  • Keno
  • Keno to go
  • Mass Cash
  • MegarBucks
  • MegaBucks Doubler
  • Lucky for Life
  • Powerball
  • Lucky for Life
  • Bingo in local churches
  • Twin Rivers
  • FoxWoods
  • Mohegan Sun
  • Las Vegas
  • Atlantic City
  • on line gambling
  • three proposed casinos in Massachusetts
Then I would be against the slot parlors.


Jahn said...

Why I am in favor of more low income housing. We already have:

1. Great Brook Valley
2. Lakeside Project
3. Main & Madison
4. May and Silver
5. Matthew 25
6. East Side CDC
7. Canal District CDC
8. Worc Land Trust
9. 4,000 three deckers
10. Hammond Kilby Gardner
11. MSCDC's smaller proj.s
12 Worc Comm Grd's smaller proj's.
13. Chevalier Furn (mixed use?)
14. 40 Mason St (drawing board?)
15. Washington Heights
16. Plumley Village(TY H.Ladd....)
17. Lincoln Village(TY Carabetta)

I know I have missed many smaller projects that total 100's maybe even 1000's of more units.

So as Hillary says...WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE !!!!!!!....Bring on a few 1,000 more units of low income housing....we're already 100% addicted to it, possessed by it, and overhelmed by it.

Maybe Adcare can expand its non taxable real estate and open a Gambling Addition unit. Feel free to come by the Honey Farms opposite Adcare any morning about 8:00am and check out clientele.

epb said...

I have to admit, Bill, that i used to feel that way too. I was very market driven when it came to this issue, but walking around downtown--the new downtown--in the last month has actually changed my mind.

I have already seen too much ugly stuff up close there, and I know a rising ride lifts all boats. that's what the new downtown will do for all Worcesterites too.

well, bill, you do live in the suburbs, shop in the suburbs and are conveniently protected from the social ills that slots would bring in.

Secondly, the slots would bring in all sorts of problems, not just gamblers. Prostitution, drugs, broken families, etc. Who is going to pick up those messes? Am I supposed call on my brothers and sisters in the suburbs when that happens?

Third, do you a slot parlor will benefit your beloved airport/Jet Blue? I think Rush Gaming has already figured out tjat a Worcester casino would take from traffic heading to Foxwoods and those folks drive. Hell, Worcester's WRTA would take a lot of folks to that place. They ar
ent going to be middle class folks with credit cards spending money here.

Finally, a slot parlor just defeats the value propsition of Worcester has to offer. Anyone who has lived here for several decades as you and I have knows that the last few years have seen some of the most exciting growth in Worcester in our lifetime. A slot parlor would take the gleam of that excitement and replace it with decay, decadence and disease.

jahn said...

The Lottery started in 1972 with one ticket for $.50 and that was for a once weekly drawing. It might have been a twice weekly drawing but my memory is getting kinda week.

Fast Forward to 2013, 41 years later and we often hear the term incrementalism. Well incrementalism is what has happened since the Mass Lottery got its nose under tent. See Bill's initial post.

If owned a convenience store would I have the lottery? Yes. I'd have to have it to stay competitive. Do I agree with it. NO!

If this gleaming palace is built it will only foster Worcesters continued incremental slide toward more & more poverty and fewer & fewer solid middle class folks.

Also, BTW if this is built there will have to linkage that will most likely involve a massive change in the Kelly Sq area which change would almost have involve land takings. Land takings for what purpose.....only to forwrd the agenda of a private business.

If I am a Kelly Sq property owner, no one is taking anything from me unless they pony up copious amounts of dineros and there could also be the holdout who refuses to leave his premises. Back to the Future with another Supreme court eminent domain case that could hold up the entire casino project...maybee even scuttle it.

Lastly, one anti-casino arguement I have not heard is.......what becomes of the so called historic Canal District plans? Nuttin' like a gawdy, flashy looking casino in the middle of a Historic district. Where is our Hysterical Commission on this issue? LONG LIVE THE YACHT CLUB. LONG LIVE THE SLATER BUILDING.

And anyone who thinks folks might come to the casino via Worc Airport. IMO think again. Ya we may get a few, but usually it's only high rollers that fly to distant casinsos and high rollers dont play slots.

Claude P. Dorman & Kunigunde Cigan Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

Natchez, Mississippi is one primo historic city on the Mississippi and it has two within walking distance. No drugs, no prostitution, no grime or crime