July 10, 2013


Here is the RKG Study link.  Last one I had may have been wrong?    There is nothing is this study that says we should disband the CDC's.     Read pages 182-185, is there anything there that you can disagree with???

In the past CDC's have focused solely on building affordable housing.   They have done a great job!  We are at 13+%, way above the state requirement of 10%.    This study recommends affordable housing distribution throughout Worcester County.    ""Partner with other local jurisdictions in the region, affordable housing advocates, employers, and community groups to advocate for a more equitable distribution of affordable housing opportunities in Worcester County."      Look at my numbers below of the other communities around Worcester.  This recommendation makes all the sense in the world.

This is not about ending the CDC's but a change in Housing policy, which the CDC's can be a part of.  I see the importance of the CDC's and in fact have, with two others, asked to be on the Worcester Common Ground Board.

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