July 11, 2013

Southgate Place

Think that was the name of SWNIC's Southgate Place Project.  Remember $7,000,000 for 25 units equates to 280,000 per unit..  All affordable units..

Well when they build the project there is excavation and often it is left on site to the side until the job is done. Once the job is done they remove any excess fill, landscape, put up fences etc.   Evidently this is a "green" project.  Pictures taken from the back of 87 Southgate Street.


Jahn said...

1. They have clearly created a slope in excess of 8% which = a zoning ord. violation unless this miniature mountain was part of the original plan and they rec'd approvals??

2. I am curious if this was maybe supposed to be part of the so called required parking which BTW all these CDC's ALWAYS seem to get variances for.

3. My ragweed allergies start kicking up just looking at all this God dam ragweed

4. Nuisance ord. says no yard vegetation in excess of 12 inches.

5. How did they their obtain certificates of occupancy assuming here that they did in fact receive them.......??????

6. What does the original site plan show?

7. Anyone else wonder why the dirt wasnt trucked out of there?

On another note, speaking about the "back yards" of these low income housing projects take a look at the "back yard" of the low income apts at Main & Madison (old Burwick Furniture site) which is supposed to be a parking lot. How many years has this place been occupied w/o the agreed upon and required parking for the project which is supposed to be in this "back yard" Just where do the occupants of these so called low income apts park? BTW, $1,000 for a 2 BR apt w/no parking is low income type rent? Ya ... maybe in Boston it is but not in Worcester.

Bill Randell said...

Please note i received another post signed by someone. Do not want to post until I can confirm that this person is who they are saying that they are.

You know who you are. Send me an e-mail and I will post.


Bill Randell said...


Do a goodle news search on Detroit muni bonds

Very scary stuff