July 14, 2013

Residency law

This has to be the craziest thing I have ever heard.  First and foremost we need talented people working for the City of Worcester to make us successful.   There are several people listed today in the newspaper who live outside the city that are huge assets to the City of Worcester.  We should not have hired them?  Maybe we should require all City Councilors to work in the city of Worcester?
Maybe we should ask ourselves why they do not live in the City of Worcester?   It all goes back to the Housing Policy!   We need to change the Housing Policy.     When you really think about it the Housing Policy effects everything especially the School Department.

Maybe if we followed the recommendations that RKG laid out in this report, which we didn't when they (RKG) gave us recommendations in 2002, we will naturally see a higher concentration of department heads living in Worcester.  


David Z. said...

Wholeheartedly agree with you on this one Bill. A residency requirement would shut out of the process some very talented candidates. Cities have to face the fact that some employees just prefer the suburbs for living and raising their families.

But on the other hand, if Worcester had better housing options, that would at least put us on a level playing field for those that do wish to live in Worcester.

Wooo Resident said...

Dare I ask you what exactly is is the job position "Coordinate Executive Office" ....we got 8 of em

Notice what aint listed in this article.......the salaries of these folks which I do know I can get from In City Times, etc

To steal a phrase, "Is it just me" or is anyone else getting tired of the Obama-esque behavior of some people employed by the city.

If the execs have to live in the city than why shouldnt all city employees have to live in the city.....almost seems discriminatory to me? Just think, requiring all 'ees to live in the city would result, I estimate, in another 2,000 well paid middle class citizens living and Working in Worcester..........problem is any CC'or voting for this would be run outta office with SEIU, MTA, WEA, IAFF, WPA, Teamster, etc union money

City employees should follow the lead of Paulie Boy, Artie, and others who live and work in Worcester

Signman said...

Why not ask how many city councilors kids go to public schools in Worcester?

Jahn said...

Here's the bottomline, what solidly middle class family would want to put their kids in WPS if they could afford to live in Shrewsbury, etc.

This aint a wack at WPS , but a whack at many of those who atttend WPS with no intention of gettign an education and merely just causing disruption.