July 29, 2013

Main South CDC

I am going to wait another day before I make comments, but let me make one today.  You are on the Board of Directors of the Main South CDC and you know that HUD is investigating how monies were spent by the CDC's and that there is a chance monies will have to be paid back.  Turns out your CDC, Main South, will owe I believe a million dollars.

That is a good time to give your Executive Director, who is making 100K per year plus another 15K in benefits, a three year guaranteed contract?   This when completely blows me away


Jahn said...

I was going to make a comment yesterday (Sunday) on the "Landfill" thread but instead bit my tongue and waited until i was calmed down, I am still not calmed down....but a new three year contact????.....regardless of how much money is involved how about someone walks the plank????

Few weeks ago there was a small piece in a local townie weekly newspaper about a guy who misappropriated about $400. Guy had at least 2 dacades working for this private sector, for profit company. Poor guy fired in short order and he will never find a job that pays that well again, especially in his early 50's.

Post up the article Bill ...and hey does SWNC have other another issue(s), too

Anonymous said...

Or maybe get rid of the employees involved in felony activity!