May 09, 2012

105 million for affordable housing



Jahn said...

Random thoughts on this article

Notice how the headline reads build or create 2,196 housing units. Build or create sounds soooo Obuma-esque. Recall Obuma was going to save or create millions of jobs. These two political leaders seem to run in tandem. With Coupe Deval it was "together we can" and with Obuma it was "yes we can". They're mirroring each other.

Notice the creation of what seems to me to be two new categories of subsidized housing, one for veterans and another for EXTEREMELY low income housing. I'd be curious to know the parameters for EXTREMELY low income housing.

Maybe I missed it, but I did not see Mr NO More Free Speech (McGoverns) name anywhere in the article. This cannot be!!! An article on subsidized housing and no mention of the Swarmy Jim McGovern. Must be on sabbatical in Cuba or the Sudan?

Now this is an article dealing ONLY with Massachusetts subsidized housing and it cites a statistic of an estmated 200,000 homeless veterans. Is that in Massachusetts or nationwide? If there are 200,000 homeless Vets in Mass than we all should increase our charitable giving. Is the reporter mixing national statistics in an article dealing with Mass. only........trying to leave us with the impression there are 200,000 homeless vets in Mass.

PAXTON !!!!! I have to laugh. Their subsidized housing is 50 new units, 45 of which are for seniors and 5 of which are for EXTREMELY low income households. Wonder if the EXTREMELY low income households are also seniors? Think again if you think Paxton is going to allow any real quantity of urbanesque, pants on the ground type low/no income housing.

$105,000,000 to create to re-hab 2,200 units of housing comes in at $48,000 per unit.

Bill, didnt the taxpayers spend $513,000 per unit at Main & Madison Sts and about $300,000 per unit at 5 May St. I realize that no two real estate projects are the same but 48K per unit vs. 513K and 275K per unit. Come on now!

Jahn said...

tHE Biggest business story of the last week is all the chatter about the Worc comm. & industrial tax rates. So today the CEO of the Worc Chamber of Commrce pens a 1/3 editorial page piece about the Bio tech industry and education.

The irony of it all is that Worc's over reliance on non profit institutions of higher education, to the detriment of private sector businesses, has directly caused the increase of real estate taxes for those engaged in for profit commerce. Another example of our leaders directing attention away from the real issues of the day

And BTW, I am no expert on Bio tech, but if anyone thinks bio tech is going bring any kind of significant increase in blue collar manufacturing jobs to Worc, well please think again and then put some Pharmasphere in your pipe and smoke it.

Big Daddy said...

Not just the poor but the "extremely" poor in the VOKE......reminds me of the hazing scene in Animal House...."please sir,may I have some more"

Jahn said...

BTW, political signage is front and center again on Tuesday nights b/c in a few more weeks the CC will be in once per month summer recess.....Thank God) they got to get this issue cleared up so I can Que up a row of political 4x8 pieces of wafer board in my front yard.

Ya know, I am so fed up with how this city operates that I may just dime up the State Building Code office/authorities who deal with structural issues and I may discuss stresses, loads, spans, etc. with these state authorities as re temporary political signs.

WTH, what permits are good enough for trees houses, storage sheds under 100sq ft, lemonade stands, fences, and other assorted accessory structures are surely good enough for 4 x 8 signs. If I see or hear of anyone digging a post hole w/o a special permit and/or a building permit, I am diming up the state authorities and having these signs condemmed for lack of structural integrity.

Sign Guy can maybe enlighten me about building codes (not zoning codes) re signage E.g. if an 8 ft plywood sign is standing upright so it can seen from further away than shouldnt its upright posts be set at least 4 ft into the ground? Help me here Sign Guy. A hurricane blows through in Sept or Oct and the wind gets a good bite these huge 4 x 8 signs we could have a tragedy on our hands. I mean it's for the childern walking home from school and passing motorists, too.

And oh BTW there Q, good job beating back the free speech police. But please be careful with all those signs.