May 14, 2012

Ionic Boys Club

Story in newspaper today.  Whiz kids bought Boys Club for 250,000 but got 350,000 from the City of Worcester?  Looks to me not only no cash but 100,000 in pocket,  since the loan is not paid back unless you violate the affordability period.

 Right now I am getting confused maybe a City Councilor can get ask for clarification on this.. 


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be something the Attorney General would have to intervene on?

Just sayin'....

Harry T

Jahn said...


Would this be something AN attorney general should look into....YES

Would this be something suspicious THE sitting Mass attorney general (Martha Croakly) would look into something? I highly doubt it, given the ultimate occupants of the Ironic Avenue Boys Club would be democratic voters...assuming here it survives.

What does Howie always say about Martha and the former DA Tom Riley (the Waltham 2nd Floor Flat Dweller)....The best place to hide something like this would in between the pages of a law book. Kinda like how the best place to hide something from most Worc CC'ors would be in Thomas Paine's book Common Sense. It was Paine (sp) who wrote that book, was it not???