May 07, 2012

Brown University and Providence


elmparkblogger said...

yeah,but last I checked the founders of Holy Cross didnt make their fortune in the slave trade


Jahn said...

Elm Park Blogger, for the last 45 years I have slaved in the private sector to support The Plantation of The City of Worcester and I am darn sick & tired of it.

Jahn said...

Does anyone know if Worc Airport got permission from teh FAA to put out parcles for lease/ sale. Seems to me we've had at leaast 2such proposals put out to bids over the last few years?

I only ask b/c T&G reports Fitchburg Airport is in hot water for not getting FFA approval for failing to do just this. it almost reads like the FAA is a partner in airport operations. Once they give you or loan you money they veto power over some things?