May 19, 2012

Sign Man Read this one

Good story about eminent domain in Norfolk,  Virginis to benefit Old Dominion and one property owner's sign protest.  Click here.



Jahn said...

This selective enforcemnt is so typical of municipal, state & fed'l gub'mint today. Here in Worc. there is very selective enforcemnt of the provision of the zoning ord. that allows no more than 3 unrelated individuals to occupy a dewlling unit. College areas continually get a pass on this unless you're a former city banker renting to Assumption kids on the west side, then it's a totally different story and result. A former city solicitor is using this selective enforcement as one prong of attack against this law that even MARTHA cROAKLY says is illegal.

Then there is Jim McGoverns free speech grab. up "Tewksbury MaSS cASWELL MOTEL George Will" if you really, really, REALLY want to see an absolutely egregious misuse of the law.

Then there was the famous case down in New London, Ct where property was taken via eminent domain NOT FOR A PUBLIC USE, but for a public purpose....more tax revenue.......and the darn new buildings are only partly built and may never even be fully built as origianlly envisioned.

TheN there is Clark Univ's Downing St grab, taken not the from an individual but from the City under the guise a Pilot Payment program..........since when does the city do the giving in Pilot payment programs?

Dittos for WPI's Street grab back in the mid 80's of a 1/4 mile section of West St.

BTW, WTH is that sidewalk grab (temporary) by WPI of almost all the sidewalk on WPI's side of Park Ave from Institure Rd to almost Salisbury St. Was this part the originally planned constr project going on over there?. Looks to me like there is concern about the sidewalk possibly being undermined by the WPI constr.??

Christ almighty, I mean put a couple of tables and chairs along a Shrewsbury St sidewalk during 4 months of the year and SOBs will all over your +++ in a NY minute.

Lastly there is the closing off of Coral St at I-290 . Original plans were to make Coral St one way in conjunction with the new CSX freight yard. Now all of a sudden it will be closed off completely. Ya know what they say about incrementalism. Y'all suppose there more will dawg & pony show ... so called PUBLIC HEARINGS on this Coral St closure which just like the Downing St closure will have "public Hearings" after city hall makes its decisions. what a crock of bovine fecal matter.

Then stay tuned for Holy Cross's grab of all of the Caro St area and abutting streets. Any hold out landowners will be burned at the stake as heretics.

Steve Foley said...

I wouldn't call it a "good" story. It's pretty short on facts and long on inflammatory rhetoric.

Jahn said...

I want to give a KUDOS and an ATTA BOY the State of Mass. official(s) in state gov't who gave Republican Curt Schilling a bloody spike to the posterior and booted his gaming ideas south of the border to Rhode Island. It's been alleged of late that Ole Curt may renege on about $125M in advances from Rhode Island and Plantations for his video game programming company.

That's some finacial curveball that Curt has tossed right by the naive Rhodies for call 3rd strike as it hits Veriteks mitt. Maybe Curt now willpull a typical retired pro athlete move and venture into the restaurant bizz........or heaven forbid pull a Wade Bogs and blow millions on NASCAR racing adventures before calling it curtains and having to lay off all his old schoolboy buddies. Next time Wade, just stick with the California mortgage broker galpal. :)

Just thank God Curt wasnt into Green Jobs projects b/c we'd have an Evergreen Solar problem to the tune of twice the $58M amount if he was into more enviro friendly kinda jobs....right Deval?

NOW, Will Becker College GaMING Institute take over where Curt left off and hit up the state for even more video gaming subsidies which will be approved b/c all colleges are such nice Democratic institutions, esp Becker. YA never see Becker even ask the city to give a street.