May 23, 2012

Tax rates

 Although I think the end result was fair, I could not help but get the feeling thinking about the saying "Rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic".     I fear that end ressult, however, will only be more erosion of our commerical tax base thus placing more of a burden on residents of Worcester.

Bill Breault has a great line last night.    Next time you are driving down Cambridge Street and get to the corners of Canterbury and Fremont Street.   Look to your left, Kesseli Morse is now a Church.  Take a right on Fremont Street.   L Farber is now condos, there is one succcessful plastics company on the right but the rest of the street is virtutally empty. 

Central location with easy highway access..  

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Jahn said...

Is it just me is anyone else fed up with tax rate talk and tax rate comparisons.

Let's just tax about property taxes in terms of absolute $$$$$ and forget about the rates and %'ages.

City should thank its lucky stars that the formerly non profit owned Worc Medical center was bought out by a for profit company a few years ago. Those gosh darn money grubbing capitalists are giving teh city 4,200,000 reasons to be happy vs. ZERO reasons for the previous non profit, non tax paying owners who I think was St V's Hospital(?). In school dept lingo, That's about 45 max'ed out $76,000 teachers per year (or 1/2 work of a work year depending on your perspective).