May 22, 2012

Mattapan CDC in trouble

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Financial trouble

Friedman said the Mattapan CDC’s operations began unraveling after Executive Director Spencer DeShields left a few years ago. The city has slapped $23,000 of property-tax liens on the group’s buildings, while the CDC’s last annual report to the state showed the nonprofit had a $781,000 deficit at 2009’s end.
Hub officials gave the group $284,500 in building-rehab grants in recent years for pre-construction work, but held back another $950,000 when the nonprofit’s operations frayed.  

1 comment:

Jahn said...

When reading this, I immediately get vibes that I will call very, very Canal District CDC-esque.

What ever did happen with the supposed audit/review of The Canal District CDC?

I suggest it was placed in the archives at City Hall........the same place the current housing review/report due out soon on Worc's housing stock will soon be placed. More money flushed out to the Upper Blackstone Pollution Control District Waste Money Treatment Plant. More pollutants for the EPA to use as a trigger to justify their existence as well as for higher Worc water/sewer rates.