May 14, 2012

Hanover 4 Southbridge

Valuation    534,600   Moot point since it is a non-profit but still 534,600?


Jahn said...

Are we possibly missing something here and that maybe the restaurant parcel and Hanover parcel are mixed up? There are 2 parcels per the city asesssors map

a. The Restaurant 03-313-00009

b. The hand It Over 03-313-00011

PLugging these numbers in the assessor search web site yields nothing?

On the treasurers web site 2 Southbridge St (proposed restaurant site) is shown as a taxable property, taxed at about 18,000 per year. I thought the Hanover was tax exempt? ALso, per the treasurers web site this parcel has not had a water meter reading since July, 2011 and currently owes $1,557 in outstanding water bills.

What is with these properties that I keep coming across where it appears the water meter reading and/or bill payments are so far in arrears. A few months ago the former MLK property showed, again per the treasureres web site, what could be considered unusual inactivity as re water matters?

Where's Shaun and Thomas? IF treasueres website is correct, this should be like shooting fish in a tank for a Sunday Morning expose'?

Bill Randell said...

I agree we must be missing something..

Anyone else figure this out?

Jahn said...

Any chance the Hand It Over Theatre has an address for only City of Worcester purposes that fronts side the street/alley that is along the right side of the Hand It Over Theatre? SO what (if any) is the name of that short stretch of bituminous concrete?

I seem to recall there were a couple of issues that popped up when the Hanover was being proposed/re-built....something to do with right of way, or abandoned street, etc.

It is still odd that trying to search that parcel with map/block/etc numbers yields nothing.

SO i tried to pull up the valuation on the AUD as a possible bad comp for the Hand It Over Theatre..........and it says something like this "owner has opted not to allow data to be displayed"........"Is it just me" or does anyone else find it AUD that ones city of Worcester real estate data is automatically displaYED ON THE INTERNET, UNLESS YOU EVIDENTLY OPTED OUT OF IT?........shouldnt it be the other way around..... i.e. have to affirmatively indicate you want such data on the internet vs. having to opt out of such disclosure.

David Z. said...


The Hanover Theater address is 2 Southbridge Street. All you had to do was link to their website to find out the info.

Jahn said...

SOrry, I did not finish my thoughts above. it seems assessor's data on all the city owned RE is not availble on the internet.

More of the same old do as I say not as I do city antics. All the rest of us have to undress for the city owned assessors and treasurers website unless we opt out of it, yet the city itself is allowed to stay fully clothed. Almost kinda like how the local pimp operates.....undress and gimme a cut of your $$$$

Bill Randell said...

I see nothing for 2 Southbridge Street ???

Jahn said...

Hey David, good to hear from you. LTNS.

I am now more confused than ever.

551 Main St, which I will call the Goral Building(GB) and soon to be restaurant is listed as the address of Goral Opticians and per treasurers website is owned by 551 Main St LLC and is taxable REal estate.

2 Southbridge St is listed as Worcester Ctr For Performing Arts,I and appears as taxable property on the treasurers REAL ESTATE tax search web site. I thought the Hanover was non taxable real estate? I must be wrong?

If you try to enter either Worcester Ctr for Performing Arts,I (exactly as i typed it) nothing comes up on either the treasurers or asesssors website. Additionally, as I mentioned above, if you enter in the Map/Block/Lot numbers for the Goral parcel or Hanover parcel nothing comes up?

At this point I am going to chalk it up to either I am missing something or assessors office new software issues.

Jahn said...

I have to wonder how many different "Suit of 10 Taxpayers" there will be filed in AUg & Sept depending on how long it takes the assessors office to issue what will be blanket denials for all the RE tax abatements requested.

If my memory is correct you have to file an abatement request w/in 30 days of rec'ing the tax bill and then the assessor has 60 days to respond to your abatement req.,maybe 90 days in certain circumstances?

Once the response from the assessor is rec'ed by property owners, which response IMO will be blankets denials of most all abatement requests, the taxpayer then has XX (??) amt. of days to file with the Appellate tax board in Bawstin.

I am sure all the details will be in the T&G soon enough

This should really make the Appellate tax board happy.

Interesting how all this will be happening in the dawg daize of July & Aug when 1/2 of Worcester is holed up & hung over at Cape Cod, Happy Hampton, or OOB.

File under: A Mere Timing Coincidence

Jahn said...

Mechanics Hall assessed at $4.6M

Hanover assessed at $1/2M

Must be that dang Main South proximity that is dragging down Hanovers assessment?

PLUS Mechanics Hall is a tax paying venue.